Why I salute the State of Oregon

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    I commend the State of Oregon for undertaking the arduous task of determining the legitimacy of degrees. While there are doubtless many others here who are far more qualified than I to criticize this whole degree evaluation process, a personal experience with a bogus degree holder turned my life upside down about six years ago. Since then, I have become a student of the whole accreditation process. I am confident that the Oregon authorization process is as legitimate, professional, and non-political as can be found anywhere. I am also sure the folks in Oregon would like nothing better than to have the federal government be responsible for this whole process. State budgets are strapped, and the evaluation process is time consuming, expensive, and fraught with potential for litigation. Which begs the question: Why does not the US Department of Education do this work? I have a theory. Based on my personal experience and anecdotal reports from the media, it is my carefully considered opinion that the use of diploma mill degrees runs rampant among federal employees. In other words, the federal government being more responsible for authorization of degrees is akin to the fox guarding the henhouse. Years ago, I watched a psychiatrist on a PBS program warn that the depth of the priest child abuse scandal was “horrendous.” At the time, there were very few documented cases, and most people simply wrote him off as an alarmist. I predict that in the years to come, the public will be shocked at the extent of fake degree use by federal employees (both civil servants and politicians). Just as we saw stonewalling and cover-ups with the pedophiles, expect to see the same with some of this country’s highest-ranking government officials. The bogus Callahan PhD is only the tip of the iceberg. Just wait and see.

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