Why do you visit this site?

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    RUKIDNME98 New Member

    OK - I can't be alone. I look at this site on average, once a day.


    I notice some of you "senior" posters are in to the thousands.

    Is it we sometimes want to help. Is it we enjoy seeing other people in a struggle or is it that most don't have a life? :p
  2. philosophicalme

    philosophicalme New Member

    I'm relatively new here too...just joined in October. I come to this site AT LEAST once a day. I usually just leave the window up while I'm on my computer at work. Mostly, I like the feeling that I am in a community with others that have similar goals. Distance education can be very isolating, but these boards help ease the lonliness :)

  3. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Go with that life thing.
  4. Laser200

    Laser200 Guest

    I find that the people here are open to discussing anything. We share a common goal of obtaining education but the discussions are not limited to that.

    Asking your peers & senior members some questions is a good way to get un-biased information. You know they are not just telling you what they think because they have something to gain from it.

    Many in the room have research information you cannot find anywhere.

    Several people here are not afraid of getting in depth with you and many have interesting ideologies that help you see another side of the issue.

    You may not agree with them but that does not mean you don't respect their opinion.
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  5. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    I enjoy seeing people struggle...that makes me feel better about myself. :cool:

    OK, that is not true. I learned a lot from the people here and want to share what I have learned / experienced. That may make it easier for the next person.
  6. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    The brown paper bag full of money every month from Chip.

    I'm kidding, of course. None of us are paid here. :cool:

    I was one of the old a.e.d. people, the old-timers there (some of whom are still here) helped me out a lot with CLEPs, DANTES, portfolio credit, and correspondence courses. I told myself that once I "knew the system", I'd help out the rookies too, so here I am.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    First time poster, long time listener. Came for the DL, stayed for the pizza.

    Seriously, though, the DL boards are a reality check. Although I'm strongly libertarian in my views on the whole accreditation thing, it never hurt anybody to jump into the lion's den and try out his educational theology to see if it's a real thing, or just rationalization. I learned over the years that, yes, I am strongly for freedom of personal choice in the matter -- and this understanding of my own views came from reading the views of those who wouldn't giveya tuppence for anything but accredited, in combination with some more moderate views.

    Why do I post (as opposed to just lurk)? Well, sometimes, as has been mentioned, to share a viewpoint. Sometimes to release some steam. Sometimes because my better judgment fails to intercede but I hit the "Submit Reply" button. Some combination of those things.

    Is it addictive? Can be. Is their a solution to that? Some have quit the scene cold-turkey and lived, I'm told, so I suppose it can be accomplished. (Might help if there were a DL-board "patch" though.)
  8. miguelstefan

    miguelstefan New Member

    Beuse in a world filled with the intellectually challenged I can always count on the people here to have I.Q.'s at least in the 130 to 140 range.
  9. M.P. Toothman PMP

    M.P. Toothman PMP New Member

    Thank you so much, Miguel. I appreciate your compliment. ;)
  10. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    There are lots of reasons, most of them already mentioned. I think about it as a kind of hobby. You get to talk to smart interesting people from all over. I like it when I think I know something and I discover that I don't (because someone on degreeinfo just swatted me with a fact, etc.) I enjoy sharing information that I have. Sometimes it's just plain fun (I actually played "smack the penguin for a few minutes). Overall, I think I've learned more and gained more than I've given as it is allowing me to work toward important goals.
  11. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Underlying it is the great respect I hold for education in general and the appreciation I have for my own education but I keep coming back for the laughs.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I'm finishing a degree and the helpful people here have excellent advice. A really good crowd here.This is THE site for DL information. Also like to help others if I can.
  13. uncle janko

    uncle janko member


    I moved in a long time ago.

  14. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    I'm here looking for a guy who can keep me in the manner to which I'd like to become accustomed, in a rose-covered cottage with a white picket fence where we can sing Rogers & Hammerstein songs all night.
  15. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    It's a wonderful day in the neighbourhood...

    I really really hope you mean Richard Rodgers not Fred Rogers.
  16. AuditGuy

    AuditGuy Member

    Started as:

    Background for an audit/reality check for our organization.

    Why I visit:

    *Been looking for years at doctorates and the people here are very knowledgable. Nice to get expert opinions and know that regionally accredited DBA's really do exist.
    *Insight on online adjunct teaching and DL business models
    *Fascination with the sheer number of timebombs out there. I'm still amazed that you can type "University of Northern Washington" into Google and find quacks.
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  17. Howard

    Howard New Member

    Re: It's a wonderful day in the neighbourhood...

    Isn't it amazing that so few people know how to spell RODGERS. You know, Fred and I had a lot in common, if only he could have spelled his name right. Presbyterian preachers, writers of music (of sorts), had our own TV show, but he just could not spell the name right.

    But I did not address the point: I come here simply because I love a good debate, especially of the theological bent. My dialogues with Bro. Bill had caused more study on my part that all the teachers in all the classes in all the schools, colleges and universities. And there are no nude pictures, no vulgarity, civil people, and an inordinate amount of knowledge on many subjects.

    And, at my age, what else shall I do????????????
  18. Howard

    Howard New Member

    Hey Steve, where can I send a copy of your book on Counseling and the Law for an autograph?????

    My wife gave me the book when I opened my counseling practice, that was probably before you were famous.
  19. DesElms

    DesElms New Member

    Yes! My feelings exa... er... wait... you were just kidding, weren't you.

    Never mind.

    Brown pape... but... hey... wait a minute! All I got was a rock.

    We don't? Er... I mean... no... right... of course we don't. Exactly. (Whew!)

    Oh, terrific! Now I've got that mental image to deal with!

    I'm pedaling as fast as I can.

    Ahhhh.... so that explains all the Confucius books -- and Small Catechisms -- lying around.

    PM me, sailor. Let's talk.

    Nude pi...? Of course! [smacks own forehead] Why didn't I think of that! That's what this place is missing!

    Um... we're talkin' about the same DegreeInfo, right? :confused:

    Hey... it was you who brought up the nude pictures.

    As to all of the above: Just kiddin' around...

    ...er... well... you know... except maybe for the sailor thing. ;)
  20. miguelstefan

    miguelstefan New Member

    The king is dead. Long live the...


    The king is still alive...

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