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    Has anyone written to St. Regis yet to find out why they still claim to be accredited?
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    A number of people have said that they're professors at SRU have posted on this board. One admitted that SRU had done some things in the past that could look kind of shady. He assured everyone, giving his word, that those problems were all in the past. They have a new leader and the academic quality at SRU is soaring now. He was very professional and sounded very sincere. I laughed. I'd be willing to change my mind but the only real news we seem to get on SRU is more bad news.
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    long excerpt from Bears' Guide:
    Dr Bear has said that SRU "seems to be a truly non-wonderful option."

    "St. Regis University is listed at UNESCO and is scheduled for print in their upcoming handbook edition 2005."
    Dr Bear has reported that SRU has been excluded from the Handbook, but SRU will not believe him even though citing him as an authority.

    long article by Stephanie Armour:
    Stephanie Armour has called SRU "a diploma mill in Africa".

    "Embassy of The Republic of Liberia
    5201 16th Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20011"
    Until recently, they mentioned Aaron Kollie, Chargé d'Affaires at the Embassy, by name. Mr Kollie issued a statement dissociating the Embassy from SRU:

    The Perspective (http://www.theperspective.org):
    The Perspective has hundreds of pages on Liberian universities, and nothing whatever on SRU.
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    For some reason, I am unable to add a new response to the thread A St. Regis Valupack: Buy in Bulk.

    At the start of that thread, Bill Dayson wrote:

    > Well just today I noticed a whole managerie of new ones
    > (they were all worked on today) with virtually identical
    > webpage design:
    > 1. St. Lourdes University
    > 3. InTech University

    These two weren't exactly "new ones". They were part of a list that Dr Bear furnished in Oct. 2001:

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