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  1. samkoyejo

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    Hello good people,

    Thanks for al the help i have received from everybody.Its been a really great family in here.

    Can anyone pls help me with information on ANY accredited university or college that offers entire degrees based on evaluation of applicant's CV or resume? The college or university may be located ANYWHERE.The degree title or name isn't important.


    Love to every buddy!
  2. Daniel66

    Daniel66 New Member

    Unfortunately (for you), there's no accredited College or University in the world who awards degrees based only on resume evaluation (life-work-experience degree).

    Awarding degrees based only on resume evaluation immediately classify an University as a degree mill.

    Some (accredited) universities recognize life or work experience up to 25% of the necessary credits to earn a degree (and even it's especially done for earning a Bachelor).

    Those who award credits for life experience more than 25% commit fraudulent acting, and make them classify as a degree mill, and their degrees are invalid or illegal.

    Am I wrong????:rolleyes:
  3. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Active Member

  4. Daniel66

    Daniel66 New Member

    Of course.

    I meant no accredited schools award full credits for portfolio or resume without passing some examinations.

    But a lot of people would like to be awarded a degree only for CV/resume evaluation.
    And schools who do this way are degree mills.
  5. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    There are universities that award PhDs based on resume and publications. I know of a USA citizen who received a Ph.D. in engineering from the Science University of Tokyo based on his published papers.

    Some UK schools award PhDs by publication but apparently only to university faculty.
  6. 3$bill

    3$bill New Member

    I don't know the situation now, but when I was in Japan most humanities professors from Japanese universities held master's degrees. The doctorate was awarded, if at all, for a career of illustrious scholarship, rather than for coursework plus a thesis.

    It was a true distinction, and I knew some highly respected scholars who never got one--one of whom, I'm sorry to say, sounded me out about getting a US doctorate for lifetime accomplishments. He may have confounded the two systems or been otherwise naive, or maybe not.
  7. morleyl

    morleyl New Member

    Technically the VAE in France is an option. You would still need to do worl anyway. A non-degree option but recognized is City and Guilds but you have to submit thesis.

    The problem with the schools that offer the degree with resume only is most times they are not qualified to evaluate and they really do not evaluate anyway. This means no standard, its all accepted.

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