Who wants to start a 2014 MBA cohort?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by CavTrooper, May 14, 2013.

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    So I've been struck with a potentially sensational idea. Part of the appeal to me of several MBA programs (Penn State, Norwich, etc..,) is the cohort model, which allows students to work together at the same pace as sort of a team (not to mention the relational/networking aspect). I want to start my MBA (probably at U of Scranton) next year, after I finish my current Master's program at GWU. Anyway, I'm apprehensive about doing a MBA online because I know absolutely nothing about business. It was easy for me to take Public Policy online, because my undergrad was polisci and that topic comes easy for me. However, business scares me, and I think a cohort model would be better for working together on some of the more difficult topics.

    So, is anyone interested in forming a quasi-cohort for the 2014-2016 MBA session? You could be enrolled at any school, but we'd try to take similar coursework simultanously, so we could build a team & share insights and resources. I intend to finish my MBA within 15-18 months (Scranton offers 8 week terms), but everyone could start with core class requirements, which are pretty universal amongst most MBA programs, then work at their own pace from there.

    Also - any current MBA holder would be highly welcome to join our cohort as a mentor, someone we could occasionally ping for resources or advice.

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    Sounds interesting, I might be up for it.

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