Who REALLY wants Bush defeated?

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Guest, Sep 22, 2004.

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  2. tcnixon

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    So if I really want the president defeated, I'm a communist?

    This is why I should remind myself not to read the political threads around here.

    Tom Nixon
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    Re: Re: Who REALLY wants Bush defeated?

    Of course not! I am merely showing how far left the Democratic Party has gone.

    If you look on the CPUSA site, you will see a list of "endorsements" and they're all Democrats!
  4. uncle janko

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    I hate communism.

    I also agree with Tom Nixon on this one.

    Jimmy, there's a logical problem here. Endorsements by Communists no more make Democrats communists than David Duke's Klan stuff made Republicans klansmen.

    Amusing, yes. Evidentiary, I'm afraid not.
  5. Now there's some good old Wisconsin horse sense.
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    Yes, I know. I am just having fun with all the Kerry supporters who have posted about Bush being a right-winger, being on the far right, implying he's some sort of Fascist or Nazi, etc.

    I have supported and voted for many Democrats in my life and may actually vote for two in the November elections in my home state.
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  8. GinaStarr

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    The thought of having to tolerate another 4 years of Bush sickens me.

    It's not the Republican party, or their views that I personally find loathing, in fact there are issues where I agree with them.

    blowing off steam portion...

    It's Bush I can't stand. That swaggering unintelligent 12-steppin toad and his band of self-serving, misinformation spewing, finger pointing, buck-passing, civil liberties bashing, defecit spending, education trouncing, corporation favor-granting, war deferring, watch the rabbit- while we trade Bin Laden for WMD, then "freeing oppressed people", blah blah blah brigade.



  9. Khan

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    Don't hold back, how do you really feel?
    Oh, and you forgot environmental law gutting.
  10. GinaStarr

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    <<Don't hold back, how do you really feel?>>

    I really feel that he should be impeached, not reelected.
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    Hi Gina,

    I welcome you here and hope you post often. We need discussion and our thoughts and beliefs need challenging.

    Now, do you honestly think had Gore been given the election we would not have deficit spending now? 9/11 has created the deficit--millions of jobs lost due to the attacks, monies spent fighting the war on terror, etc.

    Plus, if you look at Gore's plan for America, his agenda would have driven the country into deficit spending also.

    Let's be fair here, Gore wouldn't have done anything different had he been President regarding 9/11 and Iraq. The Clinton-Gore record is clear on their attitudes and actions toward Iraq and Hussein.

    The only persons (of the major contenders in 2000) who would not have fought the war on terror or gone into Iraq had they been elected were Harry Browne (Libertarian Party) and Ralph Nader (Green Party).
  12. GinaStarr

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    <<The only persons (of the major contenders in 2000) who would not have fought the war on terror or gone into Iraq had they been elected were Harry Browne (Libertarian Party) and Ralph Nader (Green Party).>>

    Hi, and thank you for the warm welcome. I'm sure you're a great person, and hope you won't take my response to your assertion personally :)

    Nonsense. You can not possibly know who would, or would not have gone into Iraq.

    First, you have to assume that someone other than Bush was elected.

    Second you have to assume that they'd go into IRAQ to the exclusion of all other possibilities. For this you'd have to know whether they would even find that there *was* a valid reason to invade Iraq, their ideology, all of the information they are presented with, their character, any other current events that might influence their decision, how they would factor in world opinion, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. (I haven't taken statistics yet- you do the math).

    The fact is that Bush did "go into" Iraq. (geez, writing that almost makes it sound like he grabbed the wife and kids and decided to play the back 18 out in the sand or something...lets face it, he no more went *into* Iraq than he went *into* Vietnam... )

    Try two...The fact is that Bush *DID* send troops to Iraq. (because we just *know* he (Hussein) has something to do with terrorism, dangit) Troops lacking necessary equipment no less, to find weapons of mass destruction.... err... to free an oppressed people... err...

    And what is the exit plan? Oh heck, we don't need to worry about one of those. We went in! We were decisive, and that's what counts! To heck with any negative consequences our actions might have on the Iraqi people, if they aren't grateful, they're pathetic malcontents and Hussein lovers...right?

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    Hmmm many would use similiar words for Kerry. And, they do seem more a like than different.
  14. Mr. Engineer

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    Good posts Gina - keep it up!

    Whether or not Gore, Clinton, or Kerry would have done the same thing as Bush is pure speculation. It is moot because Bush is President and in fact did invade Iraq. Whether or not this was the prudent choice, only history will tell. Will the Bush administration be remembered as Imperialist invaders or liberators?

    If Bush really thinks he did the right thing, how come he is not pushing his well-educated and talented daughters to come up to the plate and serve? Funny - for the Republicans it seems easy to spout out big words, but when it comes to actually having to pay the piper, and possibly sacrifice one of their own, they wimp out almost every time.

    (there is a word for that - but I can't say it in mixed company)
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    Hi again, Gina,

    I never get upset with anyone's political writings or views as long as they don't condemn me, speak condescendingly to me, or tell me I am wrong. Debate is about respecting one another's views.

    Having said that, based on the platforms of the Libertarian and Green parties, based on the campaign literature of both Browne and Nader and, based on the actions of the Clinton-Gore Administration and Gore campaign literature from 2000, yes, yes we can know what they would have done regarding Iraq and the terrorists.

    Bush's exit plan is to stabilize Iraq, try and imprison (or execute if the Iraqis have their way) Hussein, hold democratic elections, build the Iraqi military, drive out and/or defeat the terrorists and/or insurgents, and execute a phased withdrawal of American troops.
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    Kerry quote

    Saw an interview tonight with Senator Kerry. It was from December 2001.

    Kerry said Saddam Hussein was a terrorist, funded terrorists, had WMD's, and even if America has to go it alone he must be removed by whatever means necessary to protect America.

    Sounds like Bush, doesn't it?

    "Politics, what a business."
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    Re: Kerry quote


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