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    Hello I am a closed friend of Peter Chin . He has been asking me to take part in this forum. I am not surprised to see lies made by Peter Chin . Peter Chin has been selling degrees to all Chinese studetns from China who come to Malaysia . He has his own self made university . I used to take part with him and he gave me some money too . But I realised that is wrong and I have told him that I will not join with him any more .

    Peter has been trying to get a campus based univeristy so that his degree mill students ( so called students ) can get MBA degree .

    Several times Peter has called Lincoln University President for the program ( infront of me ) . He did not get . That is why he is angry .

    He used to run CSU, IIU , UNC and many more . Now he has his own self made University

    Peter is a real lier and he will deny to this . Folks he is desperate and do not believe him

    Show how much I know
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    This is why Westerners talk about the Inscrutible Orient.

    Here in the American West (cowboy country), if you call somebody a liar, then you sure as hell aren't his close friend.

    ('closed friend'? maybe)

    I don't know who any of you guys are. You are all just names on a screen to me, and some of you obviously have histories and agendas that predate your appearance on this board.

    But whoever and whatever Peter is, his skepticism about Midwest Missouri University certainly seems to be justified. Ad-hominem posts won't change that.
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    Dear Mr Chong:

    You are clearly a hsiaoren.* At best.

    We have lately seen:
    a fake poster pretending to be the real Peter Chin;
    utter hogwash, utterly undocumented, from "Dr" Bhaumik;
    and now your attack, totally in violation of the terms of service.

    Apart from your unconstrained personal hatred, why on earth should we believe anything you say? You document nothing. Your post comes on the heels of a concerted campaign by the ridiculous entity in Mr Madsen's basement. And before you cry up xenophobia in the time-honoured manner of millists and shills, we have many reputable Malaysian posters. So far, that does not include you.

    Document your stuff or stick it back where it belongs.

    *an inferior or low-grade person
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  5. Peter Chin

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    Dear Mr. CHong/Dr. Amiya/or their “Closed” Agents,

    I am quite sure that Lincoln University by now would have terminated your agreement and I can safely assume that State of Missouri would never grant you the license for Missouri Midwest University. Furthermore you can expect incoming summons soon from Private Education Department of Malaysia for illegally operation a Diploma Mill behind the name of Maha Institute of Technology. I did communicate with the Rector of Lincoln University and local department of education and provided them with documented proof of your activities.

    I can understand your aggression but not necessarily tolerate it. Probably you can now understand why I did not want to give you my contact address and numbers!!! You and your agents are capable of causes damages to anyone who shut your business and after all this is not a small business right?

    As for me I did mention in some of the thread here at degree forum on what I do and about my qualifications. I gather my information basically from the net, advertisements, leaflet distribution, previews and through my students and based on that information I post threads.

    I think Uncle Janko has given you a solid advice…. so do your homework and if you find documentary evidence about me then do post it here.

    Peter Chin

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