Who is Brother Stair?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by nosborne48, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. nosborne48

    nosborne48 Well-Known Member

    I am an avid shortwave radio enthusiast, more amateur radio than shortwave listening, but I keep coming across references to a preacher named Brother Stair. Who is this person and what does he represent?
  2. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    There is plenty info on him in the web search engines. Not much good.

    BTW, he passed on April 3rd.
  3. nosborne48

    nosborne48 Well-Known Member

    Yes but he wasn't very well thought of I gather.
  4. Vonnegut

    Vonnegut Active Member

    Never heard of him... but after a curious Google search... I’m sure many are glad he’s dead.
  5. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Brother Stair Didn't Like Trump, United States of America among others, at one time his following was considered a sect.
    He was very critical of what is going on. Some christian openly and more secretly agree with his views and many disagree.

    You be the judge:

  6. Vonnegut

    Vonnegut Active Member

    Doesn’t matter what his views are... he plead guilty to messing with kids..

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