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  1. Rohan

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    I have been reading this forum for a while and saw some very useful comments and so I'll trying my luck .
    Please share if you know any regionally accredited university that accepts foreign credentials evaluation from CCI (Thedegreepeople.com) for their online MS program.
    I did my 3 year degree outside US and now wants to pursue higher studies. None of the so called "acceptable evaluation agencies" were evaluating my degree to an equivalent in US. Only career consults international did the favor. But, any university that has the program , refuse to accept it. I am only looking for IT or computer programs.
  2. sentinel

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    A three-year bachelor degree is not the same as a four-year degree so you face two problems: (1) evaluation services cannot validate a 3-year bachelor degree as the equivalent of a 4-year bachelor degree, and (2) universities rarely, if ever, allow admission to graduate studies with a 3-year bachelor degree because it is expected applicants have a traditional 4-year bachelor degree prior to applying for admission to graduate school.

    You could have your three-year bachelor degree evaluated on a course by course basis and seek admission to a four-year bachelor degree through a US university and subsequently apply to graduate school. Alternatively, you could complete the equivalent of the senior year (300-level and 400-level courses) outside of a particular degree and have them on a transcript which in conjunction with a transcript and evaluation of your foreign-earned credit hours might allow you to qualify to apply to graduate school.
  3. RFValve

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    You can try British and Australian schools as their bachelors are 3 year programs.
  4. backtoschoolnow

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    3 year degree --> us Masters

    A number of US masters programs accept 3 year degrees including Wharton, Columbia, Duke, (at the top) and more. These are generally MBA programs. I believe this is because the number of classroom hours attended is equal to or greater than us BA programs. I have heard that there are a very few computer ma programs that also do so on a case by case basis.
  5. Lerner

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    Thedegreepeople.com - CCI is not NACES member so the utility of the evaluation is more limited.

    Majority of US Universities work with NACES member credential evaluation services.
    CCI is quality service but may not be accepted by universities requiring the evaluation to be from approved NACES member.

    Usually when you are applying to US university, the university will provide you the names of foreign credential evaluators whom they recognize.

    As to 3 year bachelors degree, I agree that there are universities that will accept.
    In some countries such as UK the high school diploma graduates have equivalent to first year US college credit so additional 3 year Bolonga Bachelors degree makes their complete credit comparable to US 4 year Bachelors degree.

    My 5 year specialist degree from Ukraine is evaluated by WES as equivalent to US Masters Degree (6 year).

    You will also find that US for profit private universities are more flexible with their admission policies.

    If you decide to study in UK you will have to apply to NARIC UK for evaluation of your degree.
    CCI evaluation may not be accepted.

    In UK they recognize Bolonga - 3 year Bachelors degrees. They also offer 3 year Bachelors degrees.
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    This is late but worth knowing - several evaluation agencies including WES will show a 3 year degree = us bachelor degree. Some with a course by course and some only with a general evaluation (such as WES). There are many universities that will accept this for their masters programs including the Univ of Hawaii, Brandies, Columbia, UC Berkely, Harvard and Duke. For online programs try Everest, Northeastern, GSW, CSUMB. Some are on a case by case basis. Some have a policy of acceptance.
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    I know I've seen too many cop shows, because I saw this and thought, "Gunshot Wound University?"

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