Which university in UK should I choose for DBA or even maybe the DPM?

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    Dear Friends from all parts of the world.

    Hope you are all fine and well. I have been referred to this site
    by a friend who says that you may offer critical insights as to
    which university choice, location and even degree offering I
    should go for. Let me give you a little bit of my details:

    - Bachelors in Psychology, Government and HR - Public University - Africa

    - Post graduate diploma in International Development - Public University - Africa

    - Post Graduate Diploma in HR - Public University - Denmark

    - MBA (Project Mgmt concentration) - Private University - America

    - Several years of professional work experience in HR, IT and Project Management

    My spouse has been accepted for a PhD study in UK starting sometime this fall (2004) and hence we will be relocating there. After that, we may consider moving back to Africa to continue/begin our professional careers.

    In this regard, I have been thinking of pursuing the DBA Program.

    Here are a few factors to consider:

    - Must either be in UK or can be studied for while in UK.

    - Cost is critical for me as most DBA programs have no scholarships

    - Time to complete (whether full time or part time).

    - Concentration in either Project Management/HR Management topics/International Management/etc topics

    - Accreditation (since I want to be open to both a corporate career and/or academic career)

    - Location (must be convenient/DL/etc) to Bradford University.

    - Acceptance likelihood (and if no proposal is required initially).

    - Etc (others if I have over looked them).

    So there have been times when I was thinking of a DPM (Doctor of Project Management) but I have been leaning towards the DBA degree as it is more corporate friendly yet can be academic.

    Please help me with the choices to select from. Your response, advice and criticism (much welcome) will be highly appreciated.


    Mimi Mzalendo
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    Mimimzalendo New Member

    Thanks for the info (other thread) ...

    Dear All,

    Thanks for some of the responses above.

    I shall check on the links provided.

    I agree, it is important to get to an accredited school.

    Quick question though, is the UK University system organised
    in terms of a ranking order and which schools are top of the lot.

    How hard or competitive is it for a non-EEA national to enter?

    Finally, is the DBA preferable than the DPM?

    If you come across any accredited but inexpensive DBA schools
    that have both part-time and full-time options, please forward
    me the links.



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