Which Online MBA Programs have the single class 7 or 8 weeks structure?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by nesnah.truk, Jun 24, 2012.

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    Temple University is a top-notch business school with a national reputation, and is AACSB accredited. Business undergrad is not required, and GMAT can be waived. The school offers one class every 5 weeks and works in a cohort format. Tuition is extremely pricey.

    University of Scranton offers 8 week terms. Ranked 8 by US News for Regional Universities North. Furthermore, is AACSB accredited and does not require the GMAT. Tuition is also pretty pricey (around $815 per credit).

    St. Leo University also offers 8 week terms, and allows one to complete a MBA within a year, if so desired. Ranked in the first tier for Regional Universities South. RA, and I believe ACBSP accredited (tuition is in the $600's, with discounts for vets).

    Southern New Hampshire University offers 8 week terms, ranks in the first tier for Regional Universities North and is ACBSP accredited.

    Norwich University is a highly respected regional university in Vermont (ranked #60, I believe), and is accredited by ACBSP. They offer a MBA program which is completed in a cohort format in either 18 or 24 months, depending on undergrad coursework already completed. Norwich offers one seminar every 11 weeks, with each seminar producing 6 credits. Therefore, in a way, every 5.5 weeks another 3 credits are earned.

    I'm not sure if Webster University was mentioned yet, but the school is well-ranked within the region, operates on 9 week terms, and is ACBSP accredited.

    Of all the above mentioned schools, I'd venture to say that Temple, Scranton, and Norwich would present the most reputable pedigree, but that's mostly opinion, and all of the other programs are legitimate as well.
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    NCU has 8 weeks time program and you can speed up them to 4 several weeks or so if you have lots of your time on your self. You can also dual up with consultant acceptance.
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    There is also Columbia College which I believe has an eight week format.
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    Is that Columbia College of South Carolina or Columbia College of Missouri?
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    One is a women's college with little distance learning options.

    The other has a decent selection of extended campus and distance learning options. It has also been mentioned on this site numerous times.

    Which do you think it is?
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    And now to rebut myself, slightly. :)

    It can be difficult to master a given subject, and get to know a given instructor's expectations with only four weeks of coursework. You can spend three weeks just trying to understand your instructor's mindset enough to know what to do to earn good grades, and by that time you're furiously preparing for the final exam.

    Most folks would be probably be better served by having at least five weeks per class. With any luck, you can use the first week to get a good read of your instructor, or worst case you've gotten a good read of them a week before the finals so you concentrate on studying rather than last assignments!
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    Bellevue University recently restructured their MBA, but I believe it is offered in the format you want. If I am not mistaken, Liberty University does as well.
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