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  1. emissary

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    OK, so I'm thinking about changing my test strategy. I have been planning on taking DSST Human Resource Management, DSST Organizational Behavior, and CLEP Marketing (more also, but these are the ones I'm addressing here). I have an option of dropping one of these to pick up DSST Physical Science, which is more in my area of expertise. I have no background in HR, Organizational Behavior, or Marketing. I will have to bone up a little on Chemistry and Physics to ace the Physical Sciences, but I will effectively be killing two birds with one stone, because I have to have those down pat by next summer anyways.

    So, here's my question for you learned souls. Considering that I absolutely cannot afford to fail a single test, and that each of HR, OB, and Marketing would be a complete ground-up study session for me, which one would you drop? Which one is hardest? Which one would demand the most time to prepare? My hunch is that I should lean toward dropping one of the DSST's, as I am under the impression that they have more stringent pass/fail criteria. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me why.
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    I took DSST Human Resource Management and DSST Organizational Behavior some time ago. I did take some classes in each at CCU so I found them to be pretty easy. Of all the tests I took, I found DSST to be easier then the CLEP exams.
  3. emissary

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    Well, I apparently forgot that I had already ordered the prep material for Organizational Behavior. Received my textbook in the mail today. Hell, I might just take them all.

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