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    Hello people,

    I decided today to register as a member of this forum after being a lurker for several months.

    I want to earn a BA in psychology entirely through testing. If I'm able to collect 120 credits through CLEP, which college - between Thomas Edison, Excelsior, and Charter Oaks - is cheaper for me to register and graduate from?

    I'm already paying for a master degree in Malaysia (I'm African) and also have to support my parents, thus I'll appreciate it if you showed me the cheapest route.

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    Thank you for the link

    Thanks, Alissa.

    I appreciate.
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    In your specific special case, if you can get to a testing center for it, you may want to consider studying for the GRE Subject Exam for Psychology. If you do well enough on it, you can get up to 30 semester-hours of credit in Psychology from Excelsior -- your entire major will be covered by this one comprehensive exam that costs, what $150 or something? Can't get much cheaper than that.

    More info: http://bain4weeks.com/ght134.html

    Good luck,

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    Charter Oaks requires a public speaking class
    so take that into consideration too
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    Technically speaking, you can't CLEP out of a psychology degree. You can use CLEP for all of your 60 gen ed requirements, and you can use CLEP psychology exams (there are only 3) but you will have to use additional exams to test out.

    Other psychology exams: ECE, TECEP, GRE

    Once you start taking psych exams through EC or TESC to meet the degree requirements, you are getting into expensive tests- several hundred $ each plus enrollment fees at that college, or a higher fee if you are not enrolled. EC allows the GRE exam, so that's an option- but if you don't score high enough, you are still going to have to take ECE or TECEP exams.

    Since you mentioned money twice, I'll be honest and tell you that I don't think that's the cheapest degree path. if you want the cheapest route, it is cheapest to do CLEP for everything in gen ed and psych, but then consider using classes for the remaining credit. Both EC and TESC have zero residency requirement, meaning, you can take ALL of your classes elsewhere and transfer them in.
  7. cookderosa

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