Which course to pursue for Anti Money Laundering?

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    I have been searching for a good distance course in the field of Anti Money Laundering after finding that India does not realistically offer any good courses in the field, the only 2 I could find were,

    I wont be posting URLs for obvious reasons, please google their names so you can find their official website,

    1) Indiaforensic (Awarded by some Individual, not really a recognized degree in my opinion), the website itself is broken lol.

    2) Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, altough it may sound prestigious, Indian standards vs. global standards, really?

    I managed to find 2 other colleges/associations offering the course

    1) ACAMS (US Based)
    2) ICA (UK Based)

    Another one I found was ACFE (US Based), altough it is not really AML but it is linked to the field so it does interest me.

    The primary concern is I won't be willing to travel to another country to do the course leaving my current job, the secondary concern is the value addition I have to my CV/Resume after doing the course, the cost of the course is a semi-secondary/tertiary concern.

    I'd be really obliged if anyone who has done the courses or is in this field can enlighten me as to which direction I should be heading.

    I asked the ACAMS Indian rep whether the Association provides any job assistance after completing the course, as expected I was disappointed.

    Looking forward to some thoughts.

  2. montsa007

    montsa007 New Member

    I'd really appreciate some advise here
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    To be honest I'm not sure there is much expertise in that area on the board. My initial thought would be the best way to learn the antithesis of something is to actually learn the thesis. For your example, I would guess, that courses strong in finance, accounting, math, and computer science (specifically forensics) would be great. Learn how the corporation's launder their money and then you can "anti" them with your knowledge.
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    In addition to what I said before, I wonder whether you might be able to join an LLM programme that focuses on tax law and includes material relevant to your interests?
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    This topic is covered in white collar crime and transnational crime courses in CJ and security programs and forensic accounting courses. There are graduate programs in forensic accounting and fraud investigation. ACFE offers a continuing education course in anti-money laundering and Florida International University offers an online certificate program.
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    My version of the story on AML courses

    After reading the post from monsta007, i did a little bit of research and here is a version of my story. Firstly i tried calling the ACFE India chapter. The person from India chapter informed me that you need to contact the Banglore chapter of ACFE and the Banglore guy redirected me to USA website. When i received the brochure i found that there is a very little amount of AML related topics covered under this program. Then i contacted ACAMS, no doubt these ppl are leaders, they have a good fancy website and a lot of content. But when it came to pricing it was an eye opener. I found that it is not possible to spend so many dollars to add four letters CAMS after my name.

    Then un-willingly as the option of last resort i called the guys from Indiaforensic, no doubt they need to work on the website but got a very good support on telephone. I was really overjoyed to know that some one is taking keen interest in my background and also guided me to apply for the scholarship.
    When i received their brochures i realised that these guys have the real substance. Hawala, Benami, KYC they cover various facets. As claimed by monsta007, it is not individual recognised course, i found that their syllabi was approved by the Solapur University, but there is a pain involved in travelling to Solapur to complete the examinations. Lot of information is available on their website. I found this course good value addition at the reasonable cost.
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    University of Solapur

    In my opinion the best course for those aspiring to become money laundering experts is the Diploma in forensic accounting offered by Solapur university. This program contains information about not only forensic accounting but is focussed on laundering transactions to a great extent. Information about this program is available here.

    Highest recognition and lowest price
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