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    Hello all! I'm getting excited to be getting closer to working towards my degree.
    Here is my question. I am preparing myself for DSST and CLEP exams. Which exams do I focus on for a Business Marketing degree? I don't have any college credit.
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    Thank you!
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    Are the links the new plans? Just want to confirm before I start. :redface:
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    If you review the school web sites listed above you wil notice that non-business courses are required for all degree levels (AA and BS). You should take the CLEP math and statistics exams or take courses at a community college - apart from helping you meet degree requirements they will help you as you progress though business exams/courses.

    English composition (if not required by the degree) will help you in many degree courses.

    If you do not live in California I suggest Clovis CC for any lower division gen ed courses you might need:

    Also note that some TESC degrees limit the amount of 100 level courses that are acceptable so be carefull to check out any limitations.

    COSC is another college that offers degrees - I have no experience with the school but it gets good reviews on degreeinfo.
    Business Administration - Charter Oak State College
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    Yes, I update them as changes come.
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    You're awesome! Thanks!

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