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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Tarbuza, Apr 6, 2001.

  1. Tarbuza

    Tarbuza New Member

    From several postings in this discussion board, it's clear COSC, TESC and Excelsior grant credits for the following certifications:

    - MCSE
    - Novell Certification
    - ICCP

    What are other certifications that would get credits? How is credit determine for all these certifications?

    How about certification in hot skills like Sun Certified Java Programmer or IBM Certified XML and Related technologies?
  2. slappy

    slappy New Member

    Actually, to my knowledge, only Excelsior grants credit for MCSE exams as they have not been ACE evaluated but Excelsior did their own eval. ICCP and Novell do have ACE coverage so COSC and TESC should except those.

    I have not seen other IT certs equal credit. I would contact the institutions directly to get the final answer.
  3. geckoz

    geckoz New Member

    The best way of finding out which certifications are accepted for credit, is to contact each school and get it from "the horses mouth".

  4. Tarbuza

    Tarbuza New Member

    Isn't it funny that ACE recognizes Novell certifications but have discounted many certifications that are the integral part of today's IT industry? Novell's installation base is declining. Computer is such an industry which is certainly not like History or Sociology or Psychology theories which reamins the same other than few changes. I was told by someone that they don't even offer credits for Sun Certified Solaris 8 System Administrator. UNIX and Linux base is growing up like of Windows 2000.

    ACE and these institutions need to catch up! Right?

    I would like to congratulate Excelsior University for granting credits for MCSE based on their own assessments. They are on the right track but they need to cover up more certifications.

    I would love to hear from COSC, TESC and ACE authorities stand on not granting credits on contemporary certifications. It would be interesting to know their rationale fro granting credits for CNE and not for MCSE or other certifications.
  5. slappy

    slappy New Member

    The burden is not on ACE. It is the Suns and Microsofts that have to request their programs to be evaluated. The ball is in the vendors court. Novell seems to be one of the few that went after it.

    If you want credits for certs you need to hammer the IT companies not ACE.
  6. Lawrie Miller

    Lawrie Miller New Member

    As I remember it, COSC does in fact award credit for Microsoft and Novell examination passes comprising those vendors certification programs, also Network+ and A+ certifications, but maybe not ICCP exams. I believe that to be true because I once perused the COSC web site to check it out. Should you chose to do the same at both the COSC and TESC web sites, it might prove useful in resolving at least some of your questions.
  7. Lawrie Miller

    Lawrie Miller New Member

    This is a bit off the thread's subject but . . .

    out of interest, I just checked the COSC site (took about three minutes). COSC *do* award credit for the exams detailed above, *but* only if the tests are administered at specific sites AND the tests are preceded by a course of study at specific sites. So we seem to have another problem or two here, unrelated to Tarbuza's issues.

    Firstly, COSC may be worried about exam security, though having taken many exams at various Sylvan Prometric sites, I don't think I've ever experienced anything but strict security protocols.

    Another more serious point is that COSC seem to be saying they will award credit for how and where one learns rather than for what one knows (demonstrated competency). This is surely heresy for an assessment institution such as Charter Oak. It seems quirky, inconsistent, and hypocritical.
  8. Tarbuza

    Tarbuza New Member

    I agree that the burden is not on ACE. My point here is either do the job in a right manner or don't even initiate it. It's a mess to award credits for certain certifications that have no relevance in today's Information Technology (IT) market. We live in United States and we should be ahead in this game.

    IT is a very dynamic and evolving market and our education system should keep abreast with that otherwise it makes no sense to have a paper degree which would throw you in a further chaos.

    Gone are days when one can start as a COBOL programmer and retire as a COBOL programmer. Things have changed where dynamism is the name of the game.

    I am happy to note that COSC awards credits for A+, Network+ and Microsoft Certifications.
  9. slappy

    slappy New Member

    Who are you suggesting to do the job in right manner? ACE is simply an evaluation orgination. They evaluate anything that vendors bring them and pay for. Unfortunatey Microsoft and Sun have chosen not to be evaluated.

    I'm not sure who you are suggesting to not even initiate it. But Novell (which happens to still be very much part of today's technology) and ICCP should certainly not be penalized because these other vendors have not sought credits.
  10. DaveHayden

    DaveHayden New Member

    Unfortunately it is the student who loses. It would seem for the high cost of the tests the Vendors should seek evaluation for the programs.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Hayden

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