Which Bachelor Degree to combine with a Master in MIS or MBA

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  1. tlvb25

    tlvb25 New Member

    I just started school and I want to go into a Management Position in Information Technology, like a network administrator, Information Security, or Business Systems Analysis (IT). But ultimately CIO or higher.

    I need some advice as to which degrees that would prepare me for the above stated roles. My short-term goal would be to become employed as a web developer or Information Security, I am passionate about web developing and Information Security. Long term goal would be to get into a management position it IT. I also minoring in international business

    Here are my choices which one should I choose:
    B.S. Comp. Info. Technology & Master in MBA in MIS or IT
    B.S. Computer Info. Systems & Master in MBA or MIS or IT
    B.S. Management Info. Sys. & Master in MBA or MIS or IT

    Also I would love an IT position that usually requires travel (International & U.S.)

    Please my school advisors are useless, I really need some advice while I'm just in my second semester. Please help me!!!
  2. dlcurious

    dlcurious Member

    Honestly, it's more about experience and who you know in the IT field versus what your educational background is actually in.

    Best thing you can do is get into a position and give it everything you've got, make yourself indispensible, and if the opportunities aren't there to advance in the way that you want to, then go do the same thing somewhere else where they are. In the meantime, don't burn bridges, and try to be someone who likes people and who in return is liked. Most of the IT managers I know either don't hold degrees or hold them in majors not related to the field. They simply followed the pattern of behavior stated above.

    If I were you, I'd look at obtaining an undergraduate major in something like accounting or finance, and then top it off with an MBA in IT Management. Also, if you're looking at getting into network admin or security, try to obtain related certifications that reflect on your experience.

    Good luck.
  3. ryoder

    ryoder New Member

    Travel positions are everywhere and pay more than non-travel since so many people can't or don't want to travel.
    Any of those bachelors degrees will be fine. When we interview developers we look at the degree last and their professional experience first. We don't discriminate against comp sci versus IT versus MIS. I know they are very different in school but once you are employed you will have to learn so much new information it will make your undergrad degree look like kindergarten class.

    Definitely get a good internship or work part time doing something in IT. If you can't do that then get involved in an open source development project, go to local java user groups to meet up with people in the field. It will be eye opening.
  4. tlvb25

    tlvb25 New Member

    I really like the idea and job description of the Management Information Systems Degree, I just desire to have a little technical skill, preferably in information assurance, web developer, or networking arena.

    Also something I don't quite understand is how a person with a Management Information Systems Degree able to become a Information and Systems Manager when in fact they really don't have the in-depth technical knowledge of the developers or IT guys?

  5. ryoder

    ryoder New Member

    I replied to it in the other thread and the short answer is that MIS majors with little to no technical skills are in my opinion, in a poor position to make strategic technology decisions.
    Nobody would put a person with no surgery training or skills as chief of surgery at a hospital based on his proficiency with GAAP and managerial economics.
  6. websfhd

    websfhd New Member

    I advice you to take admission in short term courses, like CCNA , CCNP .It saves your time. and you become a network administrator in a shaort time.
  7. Sauron

    Sauron New Member

    If you are just out if school you will not be doing much IT management. It is not uncommon to find helpdesk staff holding a least a bachelors degree.

    If you are looking to get into IT management I would consider a job first at a helpdesk while pursuing certifications. The Comptia certifications are usually good entry level certifications. You might then look into systems administration positions and higher level IT certifications. After having two or three years work experience should you may then consider an MBA program, IT Management or MIS. In my opinion I think that a general MBA is more flexible.

    Internships while in school can build your professional network while in school. You don't want to rush into management too quickly. Technology is far easier to manage than people.
  8. farr433

    farr433 New Member

    Hey guys sorry to bring back an old thread but I got here through GOOGLE. This sounds like my exact situation as well. I am much more ambitious than any of my classmates were and the ultimate goal is to be a CIO as well.

    I just graduated with my Bachelors in Computer Information Systems with a Business Administration minor. I really love web development and know many different languages and crave the technical side of things however I also like business and business processes. I have been with my current employer for 8 years (was my first job and kept it while going to school). I currently run all of their IT and develop an internal web portal when I have time. I was awarded a $2/hour raise upon graduation which was a disappointment as I was ready to make big boy money so I went job searching. Upon searching and interviewing I landed a job with a place that offered me $60,000 after proof of my coding skills which isn't bad for a fresh graduate. I was just about to leave my current employer and turn in my letter of resignation when they counter-offered... They offered me $60,000 AND paying for half my MBA. I made about a $15,000 salary increase by looking around.

    Now I am back at my first employer and planning on an MBA in Finance. Towards the end I was not learning much at my school in regards to computers/cutting edge (The professors were older and behind technology). So I have decided to turn my weaker category (business and finance) into strengths. I am almost 25 now and have a goal to reach a 6 figure salary by 30 so we'll see how it goes!

    Anyways what I am getting at is that I feel comes down to more of what you can actually do and have done (3 ring binder as a portfolio for interviews isn't a bad idea). The most important thing is to keep progressing yourself and pushing yourself to learn new technology, concepts and business ideas.

    With all of that being said, what did you end up choosing and where are you at now? I am curious...

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