Which Accreditors are Reputable?

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    I want to pursue an MA or MDIV and accreditation is important to me. Christian Bible College and Seminary in Independence, MO, is accredited by: Accrediting Commission International. President/Director, John Scheel, Ph.D., PO Box 1030, Beebe, Arkansas 72012. Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla, GA claims this accreditation, as well as American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions, Inc. in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and by the Eastern Accrediting Association of Christian Schools in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

    How do I know if these accreditations mean anything?
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    For a U.S. degree to be universally accepted for just about any purpose, it should be regionally accredited; there is a list of regional accreditors at http://www.degreeinfo.com/ras.html

    Of course, being given a job or being admitted to a graduate
    school is a privilege, not a right, so a decision-maker might prefer one regionally accredited school over another.

    The U.S. Department of Education maintains a list of recognized accrediting agencies at http://www.ed.gov/offices/OPE/accreditation/natlagencies.html
    Some of the categories are "Bible College Education" and "Christian Education", and "Theology".

    Some of those accreditors are professional accreditors, and are necessary or desireable for people who will seek a license in certain professions; the accredited professional schools often have regional accreditation as well. Some of the accreditors are less prestigious than the regional accreditors, and there may be some difficulty in having degrees with other-than-regional accreditation accepted.
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    The story of how the International Accrediting Commission was caught in a clever sting operation by the Missouri Attorney General, and closed down, and how the Accrediting Commission International rose from the ashes, offering accreditation to all the same schools, has been told many times and places, including here:

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    I would urge you to go only with a school which is accredited either regionally, by ATS, by the Accrediting association of Bible Colleges(possiblyTRACS would also fit your needs?) or a school which is approved nationally as in the UK or SA. Get a copy of Baker's or Walston's Guide. Many accredited masters are available by DL in religion. The MA and MDiv have much different purpose and requisites!
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