Where to take CLEP tests?

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  1. joikd

    joikd New Member

    Does anyone know where I can take CLEP tests? I live in Orange County, CA.

    I was all ready to begin testing at my local University of Phoenix, but when I called, I was told that all UoP's are no longer giving CLEP tests.

    The Collegeboard website has an area search function, but nothing came up in my area.

    Any ideas?
  2. SJEditor

    SJEditor New Member

    I live in the San Jose area, and was told the very same thing by UoP. But then I tried calling individual UoP schools and found one that would allow me to sit for CLEP and other exams. I approached it as finding someone who would let me take "one test that I really needed," then bent over backwards to be nice and ended up stretching it into several appointments for several tests.

    Since the schools already have facilities for their own students to take these exams, all you need is to find an admin-type person who will give you access to their system. I paid the CLEP fee online with a credit card and the admin guy asked for an additional $20 cash which he said went into his department's Christmas party fund.

    Anyway, I can't promise you'll find the same deal, but experience tells me not to go with the first refusal. Call around and you may get lucky and find a back door to a test site.
  3. gsmckee

    gsmckee New Member

    Since you don't say "where" in Orange County, here are some "close (driveable)" options quickly found at http://apps.collegeboard.com/cbsearch_clep/searchCLEPTestCenter.jsp (don't put a city , just search CALIFORNIA)
    costa Mesa, Inglewood, LA, Riverside, Thousand Oaks, and if you need a nice drive prior to your test, A few sites in San Diego.
  4. gsmckee

    gsmckee New Member

    Oh Wow, I just noticed that Riverside is the only "open" test center:
    Director, Developmental Education & Testing
    La Sierra University
    Learning Support Center
    4700 Pierce Street
    Riverside, CA 92515
    You still might call the other testing centers on the list, they all probably need their "fee" whether or not you attend their school.
  5. cmt

    cmt New Member

    I live in OC too! I use this one here at La Sierra because I can test 5 days a week, evenings, and up to 4 tests a day. This makes it worth the trouble if you have to take a day off work. I've taken about 20 tests through them, so they know me by name now and let me have a little more flexibility with scheduling and such.

    I am there about once a week testing out of something, so if you have any questions - let me know. The only downside is that you have to drive the 91 for a while, but because of the testing schedule it is not too bad.

    PS. If you are serious about testing CLEP or DANTES, this is the only option. The Master's College is another open testing center, but they are farther away and only test about once a week and one test only. People drive from San Fran to test at La Sierra, so we are fortunate.
  6. joikd

    joikd New Member

    Well, I guess I was being unrealistic. I was hoping for someplace right around the corner (like UoP was).

    La Sierra in Riverside it is, I guess.

    Am I understanding correctly that DANTES testing is also available there at La Sierra?
  7. cmt

    cmt New Member

    Yes. CLEP's generally go at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm. DANTES are one half hour after that (9:30am, 12:30pm, etc). DANTES are about $70 and CLEP are $90 (includes, scheduling fees, and proctoring fees). DANTES need very little scheduling notice, but CLEP need a week (sometimes a little more). Compare this to UoP that wanted almost a month and were more expensive (DANTES).
  8. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Check out your local comunity colleges or State Universities. You may have to sign up for a class or two (on line maybe). That's how I did it at CSUDH several years ago.
  9. June

    June New Member

    My local community college used to give the CLEP, but stopped when they went to the computerized format.

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