WHERE TO START? Getting a law degree, need BA or BS FIRST

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    Thanks Steve I'll look into it. I feel so inundated here. When you take a Clep , it's usually 3 or 6 hours.. Is that the same as semester hours? So you're saying I can take 60 hours worth of Clep and get into a law school here? Yes I intend to stay here. My good friend is a pretty prestigious lawyer, it's funny because he says to me " nothing you learn in college has a damn thing to do with what you learn in law school, and almost none of what you learn in law school teaches you how to pass the bar, and nothing in the bar, or law school teaches you how to be a lawyer. I could have learned this shit on the job" lol I thought that was hilarious.
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    My plan for test taking - I looked at the military site that shows the passing rate (the only place I know that shows the passing rate), if I knew anything about the subject that had a 50%+ passing rate I took the sample test on the CLEP site. I think the sample had 10 questions and if I got more then 5 right I took the test. Since I was in the Army Reserves there was no fear of failing since the tests were free. I would just show up to the learning center and start picking tests and keep testing until I had to go to work or got tired.

    You can pass the Intro to Law Enforcement if you watched Dragnet, Adam-12, and Kojak like I did!

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