Where do these credits fit?

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    I was looking at my graduate credits and thinking about where they "fit". For teaching purposes, would you consider these to be Healthcare Admin and Finance classes?

    Healthcare Related Classes - 15 credits
    PHA 5270 - Law, Healthcare, and Patient Safety (3 credits)
    PHA 5272 – Risk Management & Liability (3 credits)
    PHA 5271 - Introduction to Health Care Risk Management, Quality Improvement & Compliance (3 credits)
    PUB5006 - Public Health Administration (3 credits)
    HCA5012 - Heath Care Financial Management (3 credits)*

    Finance Related Classes - 14 credits
    MGT5005 - Management Finance and Control (3 credits)
    HCA5012 - Heath Care Financial Management (3 credits)*
    FIN501 - Strategic Corporate Finance (4 credits)
    ACC501 - Accounting for Decision Making (4 credits)

    *HCA5012 - Heath Care Financial Management falls into both groups
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    I know of a university that offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and also an MBA with concentrations in healthcare management. You are familiar with this institution as well :)

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