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    Yesterday, I decided to call Fort Hays State University and inquire about their "Distance Program" that leads to a Bachelor's of General Studies. When they asked me what concentration I would likely try to earn I was shocked that, for some reason, they kept trying to push the Bachelor of Arts -- or Bachelor of Science degree on me. They woman I talked to ALMOST said that the Bachelor of General Studies wasn't REAL. She then went against her own words and said, "it's just not like a B.A. or a B.S." To me, these remarks sounded like B.S.

    As I have previously said, the main goal is to become an educator (which can now be -- in the two states I would want to teach in, at least, started provisionally as you earn certification -- with an undergraduate degree). One institution I talked to (about later earning certification) actually pushed the Liberal Studies / General Studies options -- and encouraged me to take "Introduction to Education, Human Growth and Development, and Introduction to Special Education" as part of my electives -- as well as other education courses that might fit into that. She also said, though, that those nine would be very helpful (and that it was likely I wouldn't necessarily be able to fit a whole lot of education courses into a Liberal/General Studies degree -- because education wasn't typically considered part of liberal studies). BUT, THEY ENCOURAGED THIS DEGREE!!!

    This might have actually steered me in the direction of Charter Oak State College, because I would rather work with somebody who is encouraging the degree I am trying to earn -- rather than steer me in an opposite direction. Plus, when I talked to Charter Oak, they seemed very interested in my educational goals.

    Also, when I asked about CLEP exams (which I have never tried -- I'm a terrible test taker) or portfolio credit, the woman at FHSU was at a loss of words. She had never heard of either forms of credit! Which leads me to another question........ how difficult (at COSC) will earning portfolio credit be? TESC is out of the question for me (It's rather expensive and I'm debt for an AIU Online Associate's degree -- so I'm wanting to pay out of pocket). Could Excelsior be an option? It seems as if when I looked, the tuition prices were higher at Excelsior than at Charter Oak. :( I hope these discussions of mine aren't getting under the skin of anybody out there...... I'm just looking for opinions and sometimes, it seems, venting out.
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    COSC does offer port folio credit and they will provide a workbook for it once you have matriculated and provide assistance in doing credit in this manner. After speaking to my advisor at length about it, I decided it would simply be easier to test out from the stand point of the documentation needed to prove what you are saying if you attempt the credits by portfolio. I may change my mind about it once matriculate but I don't think so (if I could only get my hands on the bank manual I wrote in 1987).

    It doesn't surprise me that FHSU is confused about cleps, etc., I've found the same thing with my previous school. It's just not common for regular cousellor's to be able to discuss them at length or with any certainty.
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    Point of contact

    I'm not sure who you spoke with but you should have a look at FHSU's website.....most of your questions would be answered. Also the person to talk to regarding the BGS is Joleen Briggs, the Coordinator for Interdisciplinary Studies. She has been very helpful with any questions I have had.


    http://www.fhsu.edu/bgs/contact/index.shtml contact numbers and email

    As for CLEP and other tests, they accepted my CLEP for Computer and Information Systems, check this web-page (this page has links that contain details about all the tests FHSU will accept):


    Let me know if you need to know anything else about FHSU.

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