when an MBA is useless?

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    Well, sometimes you do you what to have to do to feed your kids. I am working on to get back in-shape, so I could be a male stripper during the economy crises. My wife does not want to me to do that, but if we are split again...that is my dream job.:saevil:
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    "Did someone call tech support?"
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    I have found networking to be the best way to find employment.

    Absent that two ways to find a job are:
    1. Find a temporary position (I used to hire temps then if they worked out I offeedr them a full time job)
    2. Take any job in a company you would like to work for, then work your way up by taking jobs advertised internally.

    Resumes (CVs) are often computer processed - so make sure your resume contains keywords - and as noted make sure you tailor each resume to the job you are seeking.
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    Excellent advice. :bigok:
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    I saw this on facebook last night. The Director of Operations that has zero salary was really describing Moms.
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    so, the weird thing is that i was indeed invited for two interviews from jobs that required 10+ yrs experience, only because of my many degrees. impresive.
    however, one of the biggest recruitment agencies i contacted, told me that since i have even a masters, i will not be able to find a job because people with degrees are..red flags?! i mean come on. and i really thought this agency was one of the best...
    so im starting wondering, if i attend an ivy league uni, would that change my chances of finding a job? or is it just anoooother waste of money
  8. Ian Anderson

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    I'm sorry to say this but I think you may be approaching finding a job in the wrong way.

    I can't speak for Europe but job hunting has changed significantly in the US over the last few decades. My local newspaper (The Denver Post) offers up to date tips every Sunday in its business section. Maybe you could locate similar advice.

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