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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Felipe C. Abala, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Felipe C. Abala

    Felipe C. Abala New Member

    In the hope that you'd like this...

    1)- I'll be listed on the 8th ed. of Marquis Who's Who in Science & Engineering 2005-2006 (to be published Dec 2004)

    2)- Finalist Nominee to the Computerworld's Premier 100 IT Leaders 2005 (under review, final results to be announced October and to be published Jan 2005 issue of Computerworld magazine)

    Just little kind of things but, somehow, encouraging...
    ... if you might agree though.;)

  2. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    That must be very satisfying, especially since this is the real Who's Who, where being listed is a real honor, not just a matter of paying a fee.

    I've never seen the phrase "Authorized Post Nominal Letters" before, as you have on your CV before the "BSIEng, CIW P, CWP, IT Project+, AACS, CEC, CCP, CMfgE, MIEE, I.S.P., SMIEEE, MBCS, CITP" -- but it makes sense. Needless to say, I am curious about why you don't include your Columbia Southern MBA?

    --John Bear, who was listed in
    Who's Who in the West when
    I was 23, but never since_
  3. adamsmith

    adamsmith member


    Yes, such news is inspiring and just makes one work all that harder...
  4. George Brown

    George Brown New Member

    Conga rats, Philip. Out of interest, do you hold any under or postgraduate qualifications?


  5. Felipe C. Abala

    Felipe C. Abala New Member

    Thank you Dr Bear, AdamSmith, and George for the encouragement...

    1. BS Industrial Engineering - Leyte Institute of Technology, Leyte, Philippines - 1987
    (if you remember the Oct 20, 1944 McArthur Landing in WW-II, this is the place called Leyte - a province of the Philippines, where Gen Douglas Mc Arthur returned, to liberate the Philippine Islands from Japanese occupation - sorry if there are Japs on the board - I don't mean a thing for sure)

    2. MBA (E-Business & Technology) - Columbia Southern University (October 2004 - expected)

    To Dr. Bear: until this time, I am not authorized to use MBA post nominal - as you might see the completion date at CSU. I will, hopefuly, earn that in few weeks time, and would be proud to list it on my CV.

    To George: I used to dance "Conga" in my college days... and catch "rats & mice" in my high school days. Now I use "mouse" to post messages at Degreeinfo.;)

    P.S. I emailed Prof Kennedy regarding my query on EBS DBA program, posted somewhere on this board. His reply is positive - I might be admitted to the program (after proper documentations and review), with my BS from the Philippines, and an MBA at Columbia Southern University. Things are not final though. I still have to see the possibilities (my ability to finance the program and their final assessment of my eligibility).

    Thank you Prof Kennedy... this board has been helpful in many ways.

    Kind regards,
  6. Felipe C. Abala

    Felipe C. Abala New Member

    In an attempt not to be off-topic...

    It was throurgh this board that I came across Columbia Southern University (between January and March 2003). Although I did not register as a user, I read the articles regarding accreditation in the US.

    Thanks degreeinfo... CSU is now (on October;)) my new Alma Mater...

  7. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck


    Congratulations all around. I spent some time in the Philippines in the late 70's and found the islands to be to my liking. Excellent diving and nice folks.

    Please keep us posted on your next accomplishment.
  8. Felipe C. Abala

    Felipe C. Abala New Member

    Sorry Dr Bear, I forgot to address that one. That is to emphasize that the post nominal letters are authorized by the granting institutions (whatever it is called) such as the SMIEEE for Senior Member of IEEE - this has been authorized for use by IEEE just recently.

    Way back in the Philippines, I was never fond of using post nominal or most people don't use post nominals except those with PhD or MD (as far as I have experienced - correct me if I'm wrong about this). Engineering professionals use prefix "Engr" to indicate their professional status. I never used this too.

    When all these certifications kind of things came on my way, I learned to adopt to this practice since all communications from the institutions I'm affiliated with use post nominals after my name. So the craze goes on...

    Fed: thank you... my pleasure to hear that you like the country I call my own. The country has, fortunately, remained nice and a good place to live and enjoy. The politicians and some undesirable elements, though, had been working on to ruin these beautiful Islands. But things aren't that bad in reality - the media might have had something to do with it.

    Kind regards,

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