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    I'm 45 and I've been working in MIS/IT for 25 years without a degree or certs, doing a little bit of everything, mastering nothing. Typically, I've never been able to apply for the more interesting jobs. Historically, I've done application development, system administration, system integration, and a ton of IT related things that needed a technical person to understand. I think I would like to get an IT degree, possibly in cybersecurity. Security stuff has been fun, on the few occasions I've dealt with it, and I think I would prefer not to do more application development. When I hear Security is growing, I think I will have missed the boat by the time I could graduate with a degree in it. Or perhaps it will grow for a long time. It seems like something that would not get outsourced.

    I briefly attended WGU, but was too anal, and spent 3x the time on each course. I would not take the tests until I was sure I would get a 100%, even though I only needed something like a 70% to pass. I think I would prefer a more "normal" school. Perhaps UMUC?

    Math has always been difficult for me, so I am thinking of going to StraighterLine and doing all the math classes required, and then enrolling in an online program somewhere. This is tricky because I don't know what classes the 4 yr school will need.

    I would like to expedite getting the degree, so I will need to explore those options. I liked the fact that WGU let you work at your pace, even though the grading system was not for me. For an IT degree, I could probably transfer in about 30% of the credits from other schools.

    Any suggestions for an IT degree that uses StraighterLine for math and other classes? I will look at UMUC first.

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