What Kind of Post Bachelor's Degree Can I Realistically Earn if I Graduated with a Low 2.01 GPA?

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    Even moreso for virtually any lower ranked school. WGU can add UCLA to their portfolio of grads, at a bare minimum.

    Plus, if OP really wants to go into business, he could well pick an ENEB program (say the MA Project Management) exclusively for transfer credit and admissions purposes, get it evaluated with high scores (Distinction at 9+ is considered an A+ stateside) and use that to show he can handle graduate work. Then, once he's got a solid MBA, he can choose to throw the PM degree on his resume if he feels like it or just keep his Cal State MBA on the page. Everyone has options and our history is fungible enough that we can all play the game without lying or defrauding anyone.
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    It's an interesting point. But, of course, no one applying to a grad program is being evaluated purely on a single year of studies. You're being evaluated on the totality of your undergrad learning and, often, with a much heavier placed on your actual degree studies and sometimes the other stuff not really weighing in at all.

    I failed two classes. Twice. And so my transcript was sporting F's for longer than I was comfortable with. I was able to retake them so that my F became an R and the bette rgrade posted later on. But no one evaluates me on classes I retook, twice. They evaluate me on my final GPA and everything else I did. When you start pulling a sub 2.5 GPA for the whole degree that is not a pattern most grad schools are going to find favorable.

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