What is E cornell worth?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by nezm, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. nezm

    nezm New Member

    Hello im looking for people whos been taking this course (or other):
    Master Certificate in Foodservice Management. with E cornell.

    I'm 32, never been to college and im actually the general manager of 3 restaurants.
    I will like some feedbacks from people that have experience with this course, with e cornell or another E school certificate program (i am interested in having "a name " in my resume).
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  2. nmesproject

    nmesproject New Member

    Managing 3 restaurants...Things are going fine for you. Dont waste your money.
    But, If you really want to decorate your resume, e-cornell is not a bad idea.
  3. Skidud313

    Skidud313 New Member

    I would concur. It's not a cheap way to add to your resume if you're a multi-unit manager already. I think it partially depends on how well you work with the online education environment- it just wasn't for me, and I didn't get much value out of the one ($800) class I took. If you're multi-unit already, I'm not sure how much new information you'll learn that will change how you approach your work. Especially in hospitality/foodservice where experience is everything, and working your way up the ladder still matters. Do as much as you can to try and get into contact with one of the instructors and explore the curriculum- the sales folks at eCornell will sell the product as being much more than it is.

    Ultimately its worth is probably a factor of how much you want to put into it, as is the case with many endeavors. The certificate probably isn't worth as much as your experience at this point, if I were a hiring manager, but that's just my opinion. If you're trying to get out of operations and into corporate, I would think a business degree or certificate of some kind would be more worthwhile. Otherwise ride your title and experience.

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