What is an easy programming language to learn?

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by Randell1234, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. CalDog

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    Python offers two significant advantages for novice programmers: (1) the syntax is relatively clean and simple, and (2) it's completely free.

    A recently published book, "Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners" has been getting excellent reviews. It assumes that the reader has Python; instructions for the free download and installation are included.

    As the title implies, the book is geared towards kids: the text is written at a simple level, with lots of cartoons, and the exercises emphasize game development. My kids have just started working through it for summer homework, one or two chapters daily. Obviously it might be too simplistic for an adult with prior programming experience.

    Another nice feature of Python is that it is multiplatform. We have Python installed on both XP and Linux machines at home, and the kids use them interchangeably. You could just as easily use Macs as well.
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  2. Griffin

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    If you are doing front-end stuff on webpages, I'd recommend finishing HTML and adding in CSS. After that, PHP is fairly simple.

    If you're more interested in programs, I hear great things about Python and Ruby on Rails.
  3. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    I took some free HTML tutorials online and have a two day JavaScript scheduled for later this month. I will see what I think of programming an go from there. Thanks for all the great advice.
  4. Gerilyn Alfe

    Gerilyn Alfe member

    I think it’s VB.Net.

    I think it’s VB.Net. VB.Net is the successor for Visual Basic and it is in great demand now a days. One more programming language that can be useful is C-Sharp (C#).
  5. Addison0

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    If you are a beginner you should start with C. After learning about C you can learn C++ by comparing it C and then Java by comparing it with C++

    If you are coming in programming field. You have to learn many languages one after the other.
  6. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Why not learn how to program in Excel using Visual Basic - Many large companies use this and I have seen some quite amazing applications for inventory control, cost estimating, budget control, and engineering & scientific applications.
    Maybe this is something that could be useful to your studies.
  7. dlady

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    I just found this thread. I have the following advice, in agreement with some of the other posters.

    A – if you are looking for a fun language for personal enjoyment, I recommend GLBasic

    B – if you are looking for something that will help you personally in your work get organized, I agree with the VBA + Excel (or better yet Access) option. I program in these all the time to create little pieces of functionality to help myself stay on top of things.

    C – if you are looking to make some extra cash and have some market options, I recommend PHP

    All of these are about as ‘easy’ (if that word works in this space) as they come, all other things equal.

  8. seopositive2

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    I advice you for VB dot net is the easy programming language you should learn it, it is very easy to learn if teacher is good knowledge for this.
  9. NoEL

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    I've known many colleagues that uses .php in their websites. They said that it's much easier than that of .asp language..

  10. johndale

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    I remember during college - I used to learn for the first time the HTML codes. I think it's quite easier compared to C++.
  11. Dicehyden

    Dicehyden member

    I never learned HTML any where but now i know much about it. I would say books do help but only 10% may be. I remember when i started i borrow books from library HTML for dummies. but I not the guy who like to read most i learn from online resources. Like i want to write some thing in HTML just make a simple HTML file and start writing and do a Google search for HTML codes. And each time you need any edit in your page like color font break alignment use Google search and found codes and use them. That's how i learn.
  12. imalcolm

    imalcolm New Member

    I learned to program as a kid using GW-BASIC on an old IBM PC. Also played around with machine language for the Apple IIe. I got back into programming in my late teens with Visual Basic 6, and later C/C++.

    VB is relatively easy to learn, but you're limited to Microsoft platforms. C is a good starting point, I think, because there are other languages with similar syntax.
  13. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    I recommend BASIC (Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) as an easy first language. Sure it might not be in-vogue these days but there are plenty of free interpreters available. Here is an actual credit-bearing course.
  14. Mike001

    Mike001 New Member

    Some of you have mentioned learning PHP. I highly recommend it as well.

    I can't recommend this enough: http://www.phpfreaks.com/
  15. Kizmet

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  16. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I've used BASIC for many years for engineering analysis. Unfortunately I can't find software that will run on a Vista PC (I'm getting ready to setup an old XP PC so that I can use BASIC again).
    I wrote a BASIC program as part of my MAS thesis and included it in an appendix.
  17. jaer57

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    It's a little higher level than Qbasic since it supports OOP, but Visual Basic 2008 Express works on Vista and it's free. Maybe it might work for you and save you the trouble of getting an old PC set up.
  18. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    FreeBASIC might work for you.
  19. Pap

    Pap New Member

    Try PHP it is commonly used and easy to use ;)
  20. thewysard

    thewysard New Member

    help me find a language to get the basics

    i need a foundation to build on to become a programmer. i am a middle level managent in a production plant

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