What happened to the CLEP scores?

Discussion in 'CLEP, DANTES, and Other Exams for Credit' started by David H. Wilson, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. David H. Wilson

    David H. Wilson New Member

    Last time I checked everything was cool at CLEP. Then the cut-off for A's went out of this world on some of them, and about half turned into 50/(pass). I mean how do you drive a gpa up when the CLEP system has gone haywire?


  2. wfready

    wfready New Member

    Do you know of any school other than Excelsior that CLEP's actually affect GPA?

  3. Actually, ALL of them now have a "pass" score of 50 (within a range of 30-80.) The change took effect when ETS transitioned to computer-based administration of the exams.

    The only tests where ACE (and CLEP) credit recommendations are impacted by scores over 50 are the foreign language subject exams-- 6 credits for a passing score versus up to 12 for a marginally higher score. Unless (as Bill has pointed out) you're hunting a GPA from Excelsior, I can't imagine that it will make much of a difference.
  4. David H. Wilson

    David H. Wilson New Member

    Progress is being made!

    About half of the tests have been interpreted and have cut-off scores for A-B-C ( by Excelsior ) and half are still ( as far as I know) still 50/(pass). And yes, I go(?) to Excelsior. When my year is up the company I work for forgets they paid for the tuition initially so maybe I'll go to TESC next time around and finish up!



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