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  1. badproduce

    badproduce New Member

    Just updating on Western
    Governors University.

    So far it seems pretty decent.
    Most contact and classes are
    by chat room and bulletin board
    so far.

    The first month you have to
    take a month to finish your
    starting course.After that they
    assign you a mentor/counselor
    and you go at your own pace.

    More Later.
  2. acmaxey

    acmaxey New Member


    What do you think of WGU. I am looking at WGU vs traditional university. I am an adult student who will be able to do school full-time. I am looking for the fastest way to get a bachelors degree.Any info is appreciated.
  3. badproduce

    badproduce New Member

    So far i seems like a pretty
    decent program but I am just

    One thing I can tell you:The
    work required is real.To take
    final course assesments you
    must set up a place such as
    a local community college to take them.

    Thorough,but good.After the first
    month(required) you can go as fast
    or slow as need be,but you have
    to pass the assessments.

    Good Luck

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