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    Something like 5 years ago(?), Westcliff University became nationally accredited by the DEAC. Last year, they became regionally accredited by WASC. They are currently holding both. It appears they have some collegiate sports teams (NAIA) and some physical classes on campus.

    Some information I've read makes me think they were accredited by another commission before the DEAC at some point, but I can't find anything to confirm that so they may have been operating unaccredited from 1993 to 2014? If anyone knows for sure, please post.

    I remember some other schools in the same situation of holding dual institutional (national and regional accreditation). The ones I can remember right now are:

    Western Governors University

    Westcliff University

    California Southern University

    American Public/Military University

    Can anyone remember any others? Or any other schools that went from national to regional accreditation?
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    Academy of Art University in San Francisco and International Technological University in San Jose successfully went from NA to RA I believe.

    Lincoln University in Oakland and Northwestern Polytechnic in Fremont are currently ACICS and are WASC candidates.
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    Famous example of dual accreditation: Liberty University, which hedged its bets in case they lost RA at one point by becoming dually accredited with TRACS. When they corrected their discrepancies with SACS, they eventually withdrew from TRACS. Today, of course, they are a mega-university and are therefore unlikely to have to hedge their bets again, although they maintain multiple professional accreditations in addition to SACS.

    Another example: Many Bible colleges that are RA today were at one time accredited only by then-AABC. Once they became RA some of them stayed with AABC while others let it drop by the wayside. Famous example: AT one time Moody in Chicago was solely AABC, and even though they had some of the best correspondence courses in existence, then TESC wouldn't accept them in transfer until Moody also became accredited by the then-North Central Association.
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    University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. This was a DEAC-accredited school offering Doctor of Physical Therapy, and also in Occupational Therapy, later adding nursing. Good example of blurring the lines between NA and RA; DPT program's professional accreditation was apparently enough to make it quite credible. Became RA through WASC in 2014.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

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    American Sentinel comes up most often because they offer a bunch of Nursing programs. It seems to be a kind of specialty area for them.
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