West Virginia (again)

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    Would another option have been to phase out the departments and degrees by telling the incoming Freshman class that they are not allowed to major in these areas due to phasing out the departments?

    Slashing Its Budget, West Virginia University Asks, What Is Essential?

    In a move that shocked the faculty, students and their families, West Virginia University announced last week that it was proposing laying off 169 faculty members, or 7% of the faculty on its main campus in Morgantown.

    Thirty-two of the university’s 338 majors would be shut down, and some other programs would be consolidated, like those dealing with the state’s historically important but declining mining industry, which will probably be converted into an “energy” program, officials said. The cuts will affect 147 undergraduates and 287 graduate students, or less than 2% of student enrollment.

    The administration is calling the plan a “transformation.” Some professors are calling it a “bloodbath.”


    Christian Adams wants to be an immigration or labor lawyer, so he planned to major in Chinese studies at West Virginia University, with an emphasis on the Mandarin language.

    But as his sophomore year begins, he has learned that, as part of a plan to close a $45 million budget deficit through faculty layoffs and academic program consolidation, the university has proposed eliminating its world languages department, gutting his major.

    He will have to pivot to accounting, he says, and probably spend an extra year in college, taking out more student loans
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