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  1. Professor Kennedy

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    Can anybody give a definitive ruling on Webster University please? The messages on the board are conflicting.

    I received an enquiry from a potential MBA student asking about this institution operating in London and he wants to know if its is safe to spend money on it enroling in January 2003.


    PS I am awaiting delivery of John's 15th edition so I cannot (yet) look it up.
  2. BillDayson

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    Nobody who posts here is qualified to give definitive rulings on anything.

    But if you want an informed opinion, mine is that Webster is definitely a safe choice. It's fully accredited and is well regarded. US News' 'America's Best Colleges' 2003 calls it a "top tier" midwestern regional masters level school, ranking it #27.


    Apparently they have extensive online and international programs, have cooperative arrangements with a number of bigtime St. Louis cultural organizations and offer on-site instruction for corporations ranging from Boeing and SBC Communications to Anheuser-Busch.


    You can verify their regional accreditation here:


    The only potential problem that I can think of is to make sure that the particular London extension that your student is interested in is actually a branch of this university. I shouldn't be too hard to verify that fact with the main campus in St. Louis.
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  3. obecve

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    My younger brother has earned two master's degrees from Webster. It is a fully accredited university. It is typically assoicated with military bases, but offers both tradtional classes and distance classes. It is very much an appropriate school. I thin what would be important would be to verify that it is associated with their main campus in St Louis Missouri.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Bill Dayson is correct. Webster is a 'Top Tier' Midwestern Masters degree level institution. It was originally founded by the Sisters of Loretto in the early 1900's. It is fully accredited (a little pricey). Because of its accessibility to military bases it has a whose who of military officers as graduates.

  5. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    I'm afraid you won't learn much about Webster from the 15th ed. of Bears' Guide, Professor Kennedy. They are, I think, the only school left that has demanded not to be included in Bears' Guide. I've never been able to find out why. So I put them in (in the chapter for schools with recognized accreditation), but provide only the bare minimum (as it were) of information, thus:

    Webster University (Missouri) Master's
    470 E. Lockwood Ave.
    St. Louis, MO 63119
    Fields offered: Business administration, teaching
    Year founded: 1915
    Phone: (314) 968 6900
    Email: [email protected]
    Web site: www.webster.edu/worldclassroom
    An MBA and a Master of Art in Teaching are available with no residency requirement. Courses are delivered through the Internet.

    PS: Nova Southeastern was the only other major school that recently demanded to be left out, under threat of law suit, despite the fact that their founder had once written me that about 1/3 of all students, in the early years, had learned about it through my book. I continued to put them in. A fairly large cohort of faculty signed a letter to the then-president requesting that he reverse his policy. He didn't -- but he left the presidency soon after, and everything is now copacetic.
  6. telfax

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    Webster University, London, UK

    Webster University has maintained a centre in London, UK for years! Regent's College, set in the wonderful Regent's Park area of London, runs its own operations from there but also provides space for numerous institutions wanting a London-city centre location. Henley Management College, for example, had its London centre at Regent's College but failed to maintain its MBA programme there and gace up its space, largely, I think, because of the presence of so many other MBA programmes in London.

    Webster University Centre is also located on the Regent's College/Regent's Park campus and offers MA and MBA programmes and, I think, a small number of undergraduate courses and short 'study abroad' programmes for American students wanting to spend one term, or more, in London.

    Webester is accredited under the auspices of its home accreditation.

    Its web site site is readily available is you do a search for Webester University, London, UK.

    Hope this helps.

  7. hworth

    hworth Member

    This is not an official response, but I think the reason Webster is not trying to get in the various 'distance learning' guidebooks is because the online programs have had such amazing success without it.

    Currently Webster offers an MBA, an MA in Business and Organizational Security Management, an MA in Communications Management, and a Master of Arts in Teaching (Teaching) as 100% online programs.

    I am the academic advisor for the Security Management masters degree. We have been overwhelmed with students. We originally planned on about 50 students for the first year, and had 150. Now entering our second year, we will probably double in size again.

    BTW, the Webster campus in London is a cooperative arrangement with Regents College.

    I would be happy to answer any other questions about Webster off the board.

    Steve Houldsworth
    Academic Advisor/Faculty Mentor
    Webster University
    [email protected]
  8. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    More students than they want?? Yet they go to London looking for more!

    Why does the University of Phoenix have 150,000 or so students? It is because they figure out ways to get students, not send them away.

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