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  1. TheTick900

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    I am finishing up my Bachelor's degree from ITT Technical Institute in Software Engineering Technology. I am considering Webster University for their Master's program in Information Systems. I already spoke to the University as far as (will they accept an ITT degree as a pre-requisite etc.) I am not worried about funds since I am Army National Guard and my unit will pay a portion of my tuition. I am wondering if anyone else is attending the University and will state that their programs are reasonable. I am also considering NSU online for any of their programs. I hope to complete a Ph.D. in the field as well. Any advice to me would be greatly appreciated.
  2. sentinel

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    There are many Webster Universities under the WorldWide brand. Can you provide the URL of the school with which you were in contact?
  3. Myoptimism

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    Hi Tick,
    Did Webster affirm that they would accept an ITT degree for admission into their grad program? If so, I think that is great. But when I spoke to them about admission to their MBA program, the admission counselor was adamant that the applicant have a regionally accredited undergrad degree, and looked up Excelsior College to ensure it was regionally accredited. You might want to make sure they will accept your degree before doing too much planning.

    As far as the program, I don't know anything about the Master's in IS but the courses I have taken in the MBA program weren't exceedingly difficult, but I felt that I learned the material fairly well.
  4. CoachTurner

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    Webster is a worldwide university well accustomed to dealing with the military community. Very many campuses have some connection to the local military community. They will allow you to complete coursework online and on-campus (at any campus) without the added difficulty of registering separately. I like the idea that I can move just about anywhere and find a campus reasonably close by.

    In general, they are fairly well respected. They are USNews ranked at about 23 in their class (midwestern master's). The first woman shuttle command pilot is a Webster alum - Col. Eileen Collins. There are very many military flag officer bios with Webster master's listed.

    The demands of specific courses depends upon 1) the course 2) the specific professor. It's not fair to say "Webster is easy" as a generalization - some professors are less demanding than others. Some courses are more demanding than others. The MBA pre-req business courses are far less demanding than Finance or Stats for example.

    As a Nat'l Guard member, you would have the advantage that Webster is very accustomed to dealing with such annoyances as deployments and unexpected training/alert periods.

    I take most of my courses on campus (metro Myrtle Beach) in an 8 week term meeting 1 day every other week all day. This means there are 4 eight-hour+ class meetings to cover the material. Very often, a mid-term is scheduled for the second day of class with weighting as high as 50% of the grade - this can be a touch demanding.

    I like Webster quite a bit. I've had no issues with them with regard to administration or quality of instruction. The online programs do cost a bit more than in-the-seat. The cost either way is fairly reasonable.

    Webster only offers two degrees beyond the master's - an EdS and a DMgt. The DMgt is only offered on campus in Webster Groves, St Louis.

    I'm presently 24 hours into the MBA with a concentration in HR Development (50+ hours). I may add a concurrent or sequential MA in Comms Mngt.
  5. GeneFdez

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    UIS Online program

    TheTick900 - You may want to take a look at the MS in MIS program at the University of Illinois - Springfield. I'll be done this Spring semester and completed the 11 course program while working full-time by taking 1-2 courses per semester (total of about 2.5 years). I found the coursework challenging and the professors very engaging + competent. In addition, the total tuition fees for an out-of-state student (since they have a standard e-tuition rate) + books for the entire program was less than $10 K.

  6. Ted Heiks

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    I went to the Webster site www.webster.edu and, unfortunately, they did specify that the undergrad degree has to be RA and ITT Tech is NA through ACICS. I tried the search function here for "RA schools that accept NA credits" but, unfortunately, THE SEARCH FUNCTION WAS NOT WORKING!!! So, I went to another channel (hopefully, that's not considered heresy) and came up with this: http://forums.degreeboard.com/archive/index.php/t-975.html . BTW - Northcentral University www.ncu.edu , which is RA through NCA, is very accepting of NA degrees and credits.
  7. TheTick900

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    Thanks for the prompt replies. I really do appreciate it. As fart as webster goes, I have had a few colleagues who previously graduated from ITT and they have stated that Webster would accept their degree. ITT Technical Institute in Arnold, Missouri is ACICS accredited. This sort of accredidation is nationally accredited. I have spoken with webster and their admissions department have stated that they would accept my degree. I have spoken with Nova Southeastern and they would not after a lot of hassle from their admissions dept. (I called them two months earlier and they said they would research the issue and they never bothered calling me back. I then called again and stayed on hold and then they finally gave me the response I wanted.) Although that Northcentral programs do look nice, I am considering a Master's program in pure computer science and not in business. Perhaps I should consider adding business to the program because this could make me look "well rounded". Who knows. I still have one year to make up my mind. Thanks again for the advice.
  8. firstmode4c

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    Good luck. I have national credit from Mt. Sierra College and also have an associates at ITT tech. University College @ University of Denver will not take it. I am going to try to go through that canadian college (Cant remember name) and get the 3 year general bachelors by just transferring my credits over. You may be able to do the same thing and get into any master program you would like.
  9. Ted Heiks

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    Could you be speaking of Athabasca University www.athabascau.ca ?
  10. lspahn

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    I listened to their message, but got no peoples....Maybe you can help...

    Do you, or anyone else, know if they take IT certs for credit? and If so by the same standard?

    And if I am hearing right, if you dont take 6 credits from them they hit you up for 200 bucks...

    Thanks agaiN!!
  11. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Maybe I missed something...who is "they"?
  12. lspahn

    lspahn New Member

    Duh....sorry..lol :p

  13. TheTick900

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    I just spoke with a Webster University advisor last night. Webster University has an agreement with ITT Technical Institute and will accept their degree even though it is nationally accredited. I have been pre-accepted into their M.S. program in Computer Science/Distributed Systems. All I need to do is submit my transcripts upon degree conferral and I am in the program. I am very excited about this revelation. I will keep you posted on how the program is like.
  14. MichaelR

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    I vaguelly remember seeing that memo on a wall at the Maitland Florida Campus of ITT when i was working on my bachelors degree.

    What did you think of the software program you did at ITT? I was very fond of the AAS i recieved from the Austin Campus of ITT and somewhat annoyed with bachelors program from the Florida campus. Of course my class was the 2nd class to graduate from the Bachelors degree in Telecommunications and they had a long way to go to tighten it up, imho.

    Good luck and congratulations!
  15. TheTick900

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    Michael, to be honest I thought that ITT SET program was too centered on Microsoft products, like on .Net development rather than on other technologies. We did do a few things in Java but that was it. The general education requirements didn't have a lot of beef and was too centered on the presentation aspect. For example, in my global world cultures class we had to write reports on what articles we read and do a presentation on what we wrote. I'd rather learn about something interesting instead. All in all, the program is great in the technical aspect but too weak on the gen ed portion.

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