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    Both programs are local- one ADN at a CC where I work and an accelerated BSN at a hospital based private school. I'm picking the community college. Yes, I completed all of my prereqs, and I did them all through CLEP/online. I took the premed sequence as well (until physics lol). I used 2 sources, Ocean County College and University of New England - Home You can send me a pm if you'd like to talk more. Nursing schools, as you know, are a different animal. As to why they won't take some classes and will take others, is literally, up to the committee at the school. You do need regionally accredited classes, and they need LABS, and they need to be 4 credits each. Intro may or may not count at your school (Intro chemistry, intro biology) but some require science major science- like General Chem 1 w/lab and General Bio 1 w/lab. Just find out the requirements first.

    Lastly, if you don't mind me saying, the (very) expensive schools you mentioned put debt on your plate that you might rather save for graduate nurse-pratctioner programs. Just saying.
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    I dropped out of the Northcentral M.Ed. in ESOL program after 2 classes. I got an "A" in the first class and would have had an "A" in the second class but stopped doing the work about half way through the semester. I was employed as a TESOL teacher and enrolled in the program to do whatever it was I needed to do to become a more effective teacher. But, I got picked up back for a supply related civil service job and bailed out on the program.
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    Oregon State University--- B.S. Civil Engineering

    Washed out beginning of my junior year of B.S. Civil engineering. Engineering coursework GPA was 2.27. Lost motivation and was burned out. In liberal arts I had a 3.9 GPA... but I had a pedestrian 2.27 GPA in engineering, calculus, and
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    I am reading these posts on washing out and wondering..........every time you move on to a new school, dont they see all the places before that you have left and question it? Does it reflect poorly? Also, how are you all affording all this "washing out"? I am in an online masters program that I right now thinking about dropping, and I have Stafford loans and would just lose out financially if I do drop it, and also have less agregate loan money available to continue on with masters and a possible PhD in the future. How does dropping a course affect you financially? Or did most of you pay out of pocket or have scholarships? I am scared to drop my program lol.
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    From my understanding, as a whole a higher percentage of students wash out of programs than complete them, so students enrolling into new programs with multiple sources of older credits are not that out of the ordinary. I personally have taken credits at 7 RA schools as well as have transfer credits in the form of passed CLEP and DANTES exams. Some people just write off the credits under some justification while others seek transfer options to lessen the damage. I personally went from a business program at ODU to 1 at TESC that accepted just about all of the previously earned credits. I've lost some money in the form of dropped classes and duplicate credits but it's all a part of the game we play. Going forward I'll only enroll in programs I'm in a position to finish (both financially and interest-wise) or stand-alone courses of interest.
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    For me it's the GI Bill.
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    I did the same thing with WNMU. It was a great program...but after two masters degrees, I guess I just couldn't get up the steam to go any further with the CJ/His Interdisciplinary degree. I did the first semester, received 4.0, and never went back. I haven't officially dropped, but I don't think I'll be back.
    I'm goofing around with my SA options for a PhD.
  8. I have had to suspend my studies for the Master of History at the University of New England. The reason for that is that my home in Brisbane was badly hit by the January floods. The scope report my insurance company got for repairs to my house puts the structual damage at $95,000.00 and I have lost a lot of contents too- my claim looks like being about the same level. It will probably take the best part of the rest of the year to get everything done. Here we are three months down the track, and almost nothing has happened. It would really be impossible to study under these circumstances. I have only had a computer in the last few days and the first assignment is due about now. I rang my unit coordinator a few weeks ago and explained the problem and he was most understanding.

    UNE has arranged things so that this year doesn't count in the four years that you are allowed to take for the degree. There is aslim chance that I might be able to start again in second semester but summer semester or next year is more likely. I definitely do want to complete the degree when I can.
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    message deleted...
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    :rant: Spin, Crash and Burn!

    I washed out of NCU after ABD status, a 4.0 average and an approved CP. NCU did not offer even a Master's Degree consolation for all of my work.

    Reason: I six more months left prior to 7 year cutoff for degree completion. An extension was requested but denied. They did not adjust for breaks in service.

    I am pursuing UNISA and other ZA alternatives.

    BTW NCU DID acccept me into its doctoral program again if I started from ground zero. None of my previous NCU credits were accepted. They are hounding me about signing the acceptance papers so that I could start one again on my NCU journey towards a PhD. I told them in politely veiled terms what they could do with this paperwork.

    I am SOooooo done with NCU.
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    So sorry to hear that this is the outcome. Just out of curiousity I called Nova and asked what happens if I hit the 7 year limit and have not completed the program. They said either you are out or could get an extension but an extension is not common. You are always welcome to reapply but you need to start from square one. They seem to have the same rules. I am not sure if that makes you feel better or worst but thought I would share it.

    Are you looking at a PhD by Dissertation option?
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    Yes, I have done too much to throw away at this point. It was starting to come together,... I am on a roll, so to speak. I must say that I did not get a lot of guidance/support/help from my Committee. What little help I did get was from you, Randell and the UOP Slaying the dragon website at Slaying the Dragon - Dissertation Resources for UOP Students, plus some books on the Lit review.

    My AA did not warn me about the possibility of this when I resigned to buy some time. BTW, several NCU students reported that they did get extensions approved, but I guess that I asked them at the wrong time. As you know, policies change frequently and without warning. I did have six months to go, but they were not willing to negotiate my return.

    I am excited about the ZA possibilities, will keep you posted. I have already applied to UNISA through IACI Canada.
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    I understand this point. I was very lucky in having two great chairs. One committee member was good but one was a no-show. He just ran my paper through an APA checker and sent it back - no comments at all.

    My cat was more helpful then my AA. As I have said many times, their admin side needs a lot of work. It is some of the worst customer service and you really are on your own.
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    I don't know how Capella is now, but when I was in the program the entire faculty was helpful in guiding you from course work into and through the dissertation. Carolyn Hoch, my dissertation chair and program mentor, was nothing short of fantastic. She was kind, sensitive, and caring but she was a tough task master. As I said, that was then, this is now.
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    BS in CJ from Andrew Jackson University. I'm done for now...will come back to it later. Going to learn some Spainish for the next year or so!
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    I was enrolled in Florida State College to finish my AS (only 4 classes) because I had this “finish what you started” drive. Well, last week I went to the ER with chest pain and numbness in my arm. While I spent the night in the hospital waiting for test results I had time to think, “Why the hell am I doing this!” All is fine and it appeared to be all stress related. I dropped the scheduled classes immediately and rethought my focus.

    I will use my time more wisely. I would hate to be the most “degreed” 40 something year old guy in the cemetery! I will focus more time on my enjoyment and if I chase any more educational activities it will be related to getting published and/or industry certifications. So, I guess I washed out...again!
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    Oh my gosh, you are such a loser! Can't you finish anything? Wait a minute...there is the PhD, the grad cert, the MS, the BS and a few others you don't mention. :smile:

    Joking aside, you are right to say that you should start doing some fun stuff. I've recently started mountain biking again after not doing it for a few year. What a great stress reliever it is climbing steep hills, rolling over trails and enjoying nature. Get involved in some sort of fun exercise like that and you could live to be the most degreed 90 year-old around.
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    I used to run 3 miles a day 3-4 times a week and have not done that in about a year. I am starting back up this week.
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    Oorah Randell! :usa2:
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    (Major56) Not some much Oorah as Hooah Randell, lol.



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