Want to purse Business as major but dont have the Pre-reqs

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  1. NeedAdvicePlease

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    Hey everybody,:wavey:

    I am looking for a business program that will take me on as a transfer student (holding a technical AAS in CJ). So far, I have not been able to find much. My main goals in a school/program: 1. That they take my credits 2. I can study business and move away from CJ 3. The school is reputable/affordable(under 25k a yr)

    I have been considering Interdisciplinary and Professional studies programs but am concerned they lack prestige and employers will not look at me as a qualified candidate in the arena of business.

    I look forward to hearing back, thanks again
  2. sanantone

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    A lot of these questions were already answered in the other thread. Some people recommended Bellevue because they will give you credit for all of the general education requirements if you have an associates degree. Other schools recommended for you will take your general education credits (you'll more than likely have to complete more because AAS degrees tend to not have many general education requirements) and will apply your CJ credits to free electives. I don't know what else you're looking for. You don't need prerequisites for an undergraduate degree in business unless it's a degree completion program. Go back to your original thread. People mentioned Bellevue, Fort Hays, Charter Oak, Thomas Edison, University of Wyoming, and Excelsior.
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    Most employers will know the top half dozen Ivey League Schools and whoever the State football powerhouse is. Provided you earn a regionally accredited degree there isn't likely to be a huge difference in how your degree is received. (note there are exceptions like brokers and banking...but if we were talking about that I doubt you would be looking here).

    Find a quality, regionally accredited program and set about finishing it.
  4. NeedAdvicePlease

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    I am considering these options that were recommended and am appreciative of the recommendations. However, some schools suggested were unrealistic, as defined by my new thread, such as: excelsior, charter oak, and TESC are schools that have a University of Phoenix feel to them(ie. 0 prestige).

    My main question is: I am looking for a program that I can transfer into, has name/quality recognition, where I can study business.
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  6. sanantone

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    You can start with your state universities. Check all of them for online programs. They will probably be the cheapest. Going out of state to a university with "prestige" can get expensive. The 4-year tuition is listed at this website, so these programs might be much cheaper depending on how many credits you can transfer. Still, many of these schools are much less than $25k a year.
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  7. Ian Anderson

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    For most employers your BS degree is just a check the box item. It is what you know, your experience, and how you interview (and sometimes who you know) that will land you a job . When I earned my EC degree (it was actually a USNY degree) my employer's HR representative had never heard of USNY along with most of the 2,000 RA colleges/universities.

    As you can see from my signature, my EC degree got me into two grad programs.

    My recommendation go with the lowest cost degree then put the savings to a masters degree.
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    If you aren't interested in the big 3 due to a lack of "prestige"

    I would suggest you check for Universities which accept at least 90 transfer credits to their program.
    Get an evaluation done on your associates by the chosen University admission adviser.
    Find the course equivalents on CLEP, DSST or ACE and do those exams to build your credit portfolio to the 90 requisite credits.

    Looking at some of the University catalogs i have noticed that some universities will not accept an Associates if it is not regionally accredited. So the accreditation of your AAS in CJ plays a part on how many credits you can receive.

    Best case scenario. You get 60 credits for your AAS. Spend about $1000 for 10 subjects from CLEP or DSST for 30 credits. then you get to look at Universities which charge between $600-$800 per credit for your remaining credit. (personally spending that much per credit for online learning in a bachelor program seem a little insane and i don't think many institutions even charge at that level)

    Post University accepts 90 credits and charges about $550.
    Upper Iowa Uuniversity also takes in 90 credits and charges about $380
    St johns university accepts 90 credits and charges about $1200

    Its important to make sure you check the program carefully as some programs calculate their credits on a different bases and need 180 credits to Graduate. So make sure if your getting 90 credits from a 120 credit or 180 credit program.

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