Walmart strikes again

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  1. KariS

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    Got this from a friend:

    "Annoyance of the Week:
    So there are these persistent, strident, annoying ads running right now in Wyoming, called, "Step Up Wyoming" dot. com, which are apparently for completely firing all of Wyoming's teachers because They Suck. We have school education thingies to be voted on soon, apparently. I don't pay good attention because I don't have a kid, I'm not a teacher except online, and I don't own a house that'll let me have an investment in which school gets which funding. But this is about teacher tenure, which, hello. If you're not getting paid a lot, you should a least get to keep your job.

    And I went and looked them up, and surfed through their website to their sponsor website, Center for Union Facts (Center for Union Facts - SourceWatch), and their founder, Rick Berman (Rick Berman - SourceWatch). Then wiki'd them.

    Where do I put up a note that this guy has an agenda and so does his apparently-funded-by-Wal-Mart organization that doesn't explain where they get their money? Aside from my LJ?

    So yes. People. I'm annoyed. *has nothing further to share on that topic*"

    Never been fond of Walmart and there methods.
  2. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    The sleeping giant awakes

    I agree Kari. Revolting is starting to occur in this country. Trying to destroy the last vestiges of unionism is a very bad idea. The after affects of Reagonomics union busting demonstrated this. One of his only successes has been to destroy the 1 income family unit in this country. What did that cause? Employers splitting one full time job with benefits into two part time jobs with little or not benefits. The corporations continued making money, however did not share the profits with the workers. So moving into the present. How did this affect the country? It has caused massive discipline problems for schools because there is no parent at home teaching/tutoring the child, also, there is no parent time to engage in school volunteerism, conferences, etc. Discipline has vanished, and the teachers are left with children that cuss, hit their teachers, and much more. When I first started college at a B&M, I took a part time Spanish Instructional aide position. I have to say that made NEVER want to teach elementary age kids (though I am good at teaching them martial arts).

    So in short, here we are. The reason Wal Mart colludes with these anti union allies is for self-interest. Off the clock work is favorite with these types of employers. Look at Albertson's and do a google search for labor law violations. They are notorious for breaking labor law on a consistent basis. They keep doing it though. But I digress.

    Here is the political agenda we presently face. Take away bargaining rights and the right to form unions, then latter chip away at the current labor laws. Why? So employers can have someone work 12 hours for 8 hours pay. This happens in European and Asian countries.

    Kari, you are on the right track. Write the editor of your local paper, joins labor forums, and go visit a local school teachers union to see how you can help. Currently, the halls of some capitols are bursting at the seams with protestors, many of whom include the parents, and their children/students and the community at large. Attempts to demonize unions are rather silly. For example, the union employees salary at GM only made up about 2% of their budget. A huge percent of GMs budget went to CEO and upper level management. How many chiefs do you need? Most these supposedly well qualified Harvard grad geniuses drove these companies into the ground, and they got handsomely rewarded for their idiotic efforts. No, the unions did not cause the GM fiasco. Same thing with CA State workers. CA unionized State Workers pay only comprises about 1% of the CA budget. So you can fire all of them, but then you just took out a huge section of taxpayers out of the tax paying base. This makes no economic sense. I am a State worker, and I pay A LOT of taxes, and you know what? I am ok with helping to pay for schools, roads, infrastructure, etc. in order to have decent living conditions in my community and my State.

    As I have a propensity towards verbosity, I will conclude my remarks.

    Good job Kari!!!!!!!!!!

    Abner :)
  3. emissary

    emissary New Member

    I have delayed posting to this thread because I know absolutely nothing about the situation in Wyoming other than hearing a 10-second sound byte on NPR this morning. But, I feel compelled to say thank you to Kari for posting this, and kudos to Abner for a great post.
  4. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

    I don't like Unions, but I think if a company or group of people in a job field vote to be Union there should be no way to stop them. I think it's their right to be Union. Did that make sense?
  5. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    It makes absolute sense. Usually, unions are formed in problematic companies or government agencies. There are still some companies that treat their workers fairly, so they have no desire or need to unionize their workplace. Ultimately, it is up to the individual. For those that don't like union shops, the choice is theirs. Do not apply for union jobs. For those that are in a union job and don't like it, they ar free to exercise their capitalistic right to leave and apply for a non union shop job.

    Well said B4.

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  6. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Abner: "...Off the clock work is favorite with these types of employers..."

    John: Or putting the clock in some distant land. I was taken aback at the numbers that were mentioned this week when Steve Jobs (and others) had dinner with President Obama. Marketplace said that Apple has 30,000 on-the-clock employees, and "more than one million" people building Apple products in China, mostly working for the Chinese equivalent of maquiladoras.
  7. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    And so the Reaganesque/Nordquistian fantasy unfolds.

  8. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    In fact, one of the most sensical and sensible things I have heard in quite some time. I would like it if more people had the viewpoint of "I don't agree with it, BUT, it is their right..." This is a very intelligent comment on your part, and I applaud you for it.
  9. SteveFoerster

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    It probably doesn't help, though, that the U.S. has the least competitive corporate tax rate in the developed world. No wonder companies want to move as much of their operation somewhere else! We'll never stop hemorrhaging manufacturing jobs until that tax is reformed (or better yet, eliminated).

  10. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    "I hear the roar of the big machine" - Sisters of Mercy


    YouTube - The Sisters of Mercy -- Lucretia, My Reflection

    Thanks for your comments Dr. Bear!

    Abner :)
  11. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your gracious comments brother emissary.

    Abner :)
  12. b4cz28

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    All the crap going on in the news right now is crazy. Teachers missing work all week and doctors handing out sick notes to them on the street corners so they can stay out of the classrooms. Crap like that is why people don't like Unions. I read that almost 100,000 people have been bused in from out of state to protest the vote.....THIS IS WHY I HATE UNIONS!
  13. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    And I support your right to HATE UNIONS! I still like you though. :) Many more protestors are to come, of this I can assure you.

    Abner - The union activist
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