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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by trishkeller, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. trishkeller

    trishkeller New Member

    When I began my adult pursuit of my degree I found this site, and read it avidly for advice regarding schools. That was in late '03 and I am now on my third school, and would like to give any insight I can to those beginning the journey.

    Thomas Edison State College is a great school that helped me tremendously. They are great place to take certain classes (or tests) and to bank credits. They do not offer everything.

    From there I moved to UoP. I left when I became tired of being solicted (I AM ALREADY A STUDENT!!!!), and when a comm class turned into a bitch sesson for failed marriages (even the instructor!). I felt the value of the degree was cheapened by the relentless advertising. I also felt a profound lack of satisfaction (I want my degree, but I do want to learn from it!).

    I chose Walden over Ellis and AIU and I am very happy. Walden has been a great experience (I am on class # 5). Each class has been structered differently, which adds to the variety. The instructors and students alike are more involved than I have experienced with other schools. I plan to work on my bachelor's and master's at the same time and save several classes.

    In long (grin), Walden has proven in every way to be a top quality school for learning, and I am proud to display the name on the back window of my car.

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  2. Rob Coates

    Rob Coates New Member

    My daughter just started in the Masters degree in Psychology program at Walden. She is very impressed as well and excited about beginning her studies.
  3. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    Good story. I'm glad it's working out for you. Thanks for your contribution. In my opinion this school isn't given the credit it deserves.
  4. eric.brown

    eric.brown New Member

    Thanks for the info Trish...I am considering Walden (and other schools) for a future PhD and am always glad to see positive feedback on the school.
  5. philosophicalme

    philosophicalme New Member


    I see courses at Walden are 6 weeks long. How many hours do you estimate you put in each week on your courses?

    Thanks :)

  6. wfisher698

    wfisher698 New Member

    I am in their PhD program in Public Health. Our classes are 12 weeks long.

  7. Ron Dotson

    Ron Dotson New Member

    Can a grad student enroll in one course per term and still qualify for financial aid at Walden? In other words, what do they consider half-time for grad students?
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  8. flannelberry

    flannelberry New Member

    Thanks for posting this. I wasn't sure about Walden but have begun the application process - in part based on this thread.

    I really appreciate you sharing your experiences.
  9. LBTRS

    LBTRS Member

    Did I see correctly that it costs 70K+ for a PhD at Walden?

    $4000+/qtr X 4.5 years = $72,000

    I guess that counts me out.
  10. Veteran101

    Veteran101 New Member

    Does Walden require group and proctored exams for Graduate degrees?

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