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  1. siersema

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    is anyone enrolled in or have an opinion of the Walden Doctorate of information Technology? The courses look interesting to me as I like the idea of an IT degree not a CS degree or a Business degree with an IT focus.

    Doctor of Information Technology | Online Doctoral Degree | Walden University
  2. novadar

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    Opinion: It looks overpriced and would not have much Academic utility due it being an interdisciplinary subject. Professionally I suppose it would be a nice touch but a PhD in IT Management or even pure Management would prove more useful and be more flexible. In a sense if you are at the point of your career where a Doctorate benefits you chances are you have already established your IT expertise. What more does such a degree give you in that situation? My 2 cents.
  3. siersema

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    Valid question. I get 10% off for various offers they have, eliminate four courses via transfer credit,many get $10,000/year from my employer. This doesn't eliminate the significant cost, but it reduces my part of the cost a bit. As for needs. My career shouldn't require above the graduate degree I already have. There may be some respect given within executive levels of IT in my industry, healthcare, but it's far from necessary. The degree would mostly be for my own enjoyment.
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    Professional Opinion: A PhD in Management is not likely going to sway a hiring decision. A PhD in Management is likely never to be a requirement for a professional, non-academic job. If you're going to get a "it would be nice to have" PhD, get it in the discipline of your choosing (preferably something related to your work). Doctorates in Management, Leadership and the like are nice. And if you have the time and money for them I think they are an interesting pursuit. But they are "interesting" in the same way that I would be interested to pursue a law degree, for my own edification with any career benefits being tangential. You are not going to realize a solid ROI on a PhD in Management, Business or Leadership for a professional, non-academic job, generally speaking.

    Even if the degree does "help" you get a job by being an interesting conversation starter or grabbing a resume reviewer's attention you are most likely not going to be compensated more than an equally qualified candidate without a doctorate.

    That said, I agree with novadar that Walden's program is very pricey. And, for most would-be doctors, I can't imagine how the expense of an online doctorate could be justified unless they are hoping to work their way into academia. And, in that case, you would need to be very selective in your program.

    If you want a degree for your own enjoyment (and don't mind the price tag) then hey, go for it, I hope it is as enjoyable as you anticipated. I don't mind tinkering with the odd certificate (or very low cost graduate program) but when we start getting into five digit expenses, I'd rather allocate those resources to frivolous things like retirement and paying for my kids to go to college (so they don't get saddled with ten years of student loans for two years at a Jesuit university).

    If you aren't interested in academia and you don't really need the degree for career advancement then I would also probably consider some NA doctoral programs. You might save a few bucks. You might get some more flexibility.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I am not enrolled in the program nor want to enroll into the program. I am second to the program that is too expensive. Also, in our profession does not require a Doctorate degree. However, if you earn a Doctorate degree for personal satisfaction; then by all mean go for it. I am in that situation, a Doctorate degree to me is a personal achievement instead of professional enhancement. Yes, I might use my Ph.D for consulting purposes, but ultimately I want to use it a model for my son and daughter to follow.

    First of all, I have never heard of Doctor of Information Technology except Charles Sturt University offers this program from ITMASTERS program. I have no idea why Walden offers this program instead of Ph.D in Information Technology or Doctor of Science in Information Technology. Unusual title is extremely hard to use in the professional workforce. For example Columbia University's Doctor of Engineering Science (DEngSc), but it is Columbia University.

    You might consider Columbia University's Doctor of Engineering Science degree, just a little $15,000.00; you receive a Doctorate degree from the most respectable institution with good alumni network.

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