Volunteer Adjunct Lecturers Needed

Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by Larry McDowell, Apr 4, 2020.

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    I'd remind them that no market is truly saturated when superior execution/marketing always allows for new entrants to elbow their way in. Case in point, Liquid Death:


    (Long, I know, but like most episodes of HIBT it's a great listen for in the car.)
  2. MasterChief

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    Did anyone else view this as wanting to develop graduate level coursework for free? As if I don't have enough work of my own....
  3. Garp

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    It did give the impression of someone who named a "School" after himself and then was looking for people with accredited degrees to volunteer to give it credibility and possibly develop courses.

    I don't even see how that would appeal to anybody and apparently it didn't. You can get volunteer faculty when the mission seems worthy and there is substance (like the University of the People).

    Creating Bubba Smith's Bible Kollege of Knowledge and hoping people with accredited masters and doctorates line up to give you credibility is probably a stretch. Especially when there is no known credibility to Bubba Smith. Bubba Smith can claim 15 degrees but we don't know where the degrees are from. Could all be places like Slidell.

    If Bubba Smith had a Masters of Divinity from Wheaton, a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and a PhD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and had a mission to reach rural pastors and train them at minimal cost...might be a different story. But then the web site would be better, presentation would be better, and they wouldn't use unrecognized accreditors.
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