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    Hi all,

    As some of you may know, Vista University/South Africa was closed several years ago. My question is what about its former graduates? what if they want a copy of their certificates? how employer will treat an applicant with a degree from Vista?

    Just Q's!

    Best wishes
  2. Jack Tracey

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    As I understand it, Vista did not actually "close." Rather, it was a part of the South African University merger process. Vista had several campuses and they were rolled into various other universities. The biggest chunk of Vista was rolled into UNISA. Student record certainly wound up being handled by the other universities in the merger process. Propsective employers should have no difficulty with Vista degrees.
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    Actually, for U.S. employers, it might be more accurate to say that they should have no more nor less trouble with a Vista degree than with any other degree accredited by the proper authorities in South Africa. But, like any non-U.S. degree intended for use in the U.S. -- be it accredited or otherwise -- the first thing one should do once one's graduated from such a program is have it evaluated by a foreign credential evaluator... and I mean one of the legit evaluators that regionally-accredited colleges/universities and government agencies use.

    The only ones that qualify under that criteria are AACRAO or any NACES member agency. The cost for a degree evaluation is reasonable (usually under $500); and it's a one-time cost. Once a degree is evaluated, it likely would never have to be again... that is, unless, for example, a particular employer, college/university or government agency goes as far as to specify that it will only accept the evaluation of a particular NACES member; or that it will only accept AACRAO's evaluation.

    One should beware of all other evaluators. It's common for diploma mills to create their own credential evaluation services. Some of them even use similar-sounding names (or identical initials) as legit evaluators. Stick with AACRAO or any NACES member agency. Don't venture off into other waters.
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    Thank you all for your feedbacks

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