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Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by Peter French, Oct 26, 2001.

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    But - As the article points out: "A virtual medical school would not replace face to face on-site learning but would blend with these approaches using paper-based as well as internet and DVDs to get the best out of all."

    I suspect in the end that DL will come to complement, and not replace, face to face learning. With a field such as medicine totally DL programs don't make much sense. I surely don't want to go to a doctor that has never worked side by side with an experienced physician.

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    I don't imagine that they intend to eliminate internship requirements, or residencies for that matter. I could see most of the coursework being done via DL though. Virtual cadavers might even help offset the shortage that many schools face, though I'm sure that there would still be a need for hands-on work. Who knows, more schools might be able to offer select coursework to local students in order to complement/complete the DL courses available. If this ever happens it could make pursuit of the medical profession more accessible and attractive.
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    Remember the board game "Operation," where the object was to remove various body parts without causing the buzzer to sound? This be implemented as Surgery 101 and taken totally via DL. [​IMG]


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