Viral Infection Threatens Populace

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    According to a news release from the Food & Drug Administration, a viral infection called *Pseudo Credentialitis* is threatening the world's populace. Outbreaks of the virus have been reported in all arena's of the populace, e.g., government, business, academe, religion, etc.

    Socio-economic status seems to play no part in the spread of the virus, as it has been found in third world settings as well as among the affluent.

    Scientists have surmised that the infection is spread by obtaining a pseudo credential from a less-than-wonderful institution. While hanging on walls and listed in resume's, the germ lies dormant. The germ can be carried in this fashion for months, even years, without detection. Then, for no apparent reason, the germ explodes unleashing its deadly infection.

    The Lilly Foundation has provided a grant of 2.7 million dollars to study the long term effects of the disease on one's reputation, character and influence.

    Dr. John Bear, an expert in the field and FBI witness in several cases, has stated the following concerning the source of the virus: "Degree mills have been around for hundreds of years, and they are still flourishing all over the world" (Bears' Guide, 270).

    Bear also states that obtaining a pseudo credential is like "putting a time bomb in your resume. It could go off at any time, with dire consequences" (Ibid, 273).

    The FDA suggests taking proper precautions and avoiding any contact with the source of the infection, and that if contact is made, one should wash one's hands immediately.

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