Veteran Aid & Assistance Retirement Program

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    I just returned from an early Veterans Day service at a local assisted living & nursing home to help commemorate the day with some of my older veteran friends. While there I discussed the VA Aid & Assistance Pension Program with a few of the folks there (residents, staff and vet service org volunteers) and I am constantly amazed at how few people working with veterans know about this program.

    I know most of the you here are probably too young to need this A&A pension program, but you probably know some older vets that could use a program like this.

    In a nutshell this A&A program is for veterans over 65 with serious health and financial problems, or under 65 with serious disabilities (that can be non-military) and financial problems. The vet must have served a minimum time period in a ‘period of war’, but not necessarily in a war zone, and honorably discharged. The vet’s expenses must exceed their income and there are some asset limitations. For service connected disability cases this pension may even be higher than a standard pension!

    Veterans Pension

    Spread the word vet's! :drillsergeant:

    ex-Sgt BobbyJim, USAF
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    I should also mention that the program should allow for expenses of in-home care!

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