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  1. Taylor Derwart

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    So I am so torn because I want to go to school to become a vet tech and I can’t choose between Penn Foster and Ashworth. Everyone I know has went to Penn foster but they will not help place you for an externship and I’m worried about finding somewhere to work with large animals. Ashworth helps place you and they have clinical hours every semester where as Penn Foster only has 2 externships. I have heard Penn Foster is more accredited but I need help choosing!!!
  2. AsianStew

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    Psst... I vote for *ahem* Penn Foster *ahem* yeah, *cough* ... Penn Foster bought out Ashworth, they're the same company, if for some reason you're not satisfied with one or the other, switch... tell them beforehand that you're looking at both programs, even ask them if they can "add" clinical internships and hours for you... If I recall correctly, only one of them had the Vet program, and because they're the same company now, they were able to "merge" the program over to the other. I think they both offer the Vet Tech Associates degree.

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