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    I'm looking mostly for a young friend of mine (she may not be suited for online study, but I'm searching for info anyway) and a little bit for me, as I'm still a life-long member of the Indecisive Club. :eek5: Doe anyone have personal experience (or know anyone) with any of the accredited online programs out there? I see that Penn Foster has an accredited program. (My financial aid is messed up since I now owe Columbia College money due to them denying me a WE (Withdraw Excused) grade. :smashfreakB: Taking classes there was the worst mistake I've made recently... Anyway, Penn Foster might be actually affordable for me, once I get some P-T work. Not sure if I want to go for it, though - but working with animals would be awesome for me... I think.

    I know my young friend would love it - there's a local college that has a program she has been thinking about, too.

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated!

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    I read a bunch of reviews of the Penn Foster vet tech program somewhere and they were horrendous. Of course, they seemed to all be about the director of the program so it's possible she is gone.

    On the other hand, it would be worth asking vets in the area whether they would (a) be more inclined to hire someone with a vet tech degree and (b) whether they would pay them more than someone they trained themselves. (You could also ask for program recommendations in the area.) I have a friend who is a veterinarian and she said she can't pay the people with vet tech degrees what they think they're worth so she hires bright high school grads who would otherwise become cashiers or work at walmart and trains them. She can afford them; they make more than they would at the other typical jobs available to people without college degrees; and they work out better because they do everything her way. Given today's economy, it might be better to get the job and then try to take classes somewhere while working. If she has any specific questions along this line I could ask my friend for her.
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    Did a search & found out our state requires a degree. I don't actually think she'd want to do an online program anyway, and as for me... well, I don't want to start all over again (have too many credits as it is).

    My son was considering one of Penn Foster's programs, but I told him to read & inquire here first. Good to be informed before hand!

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    Just bumped an old thread for you.

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