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    I came across this Police Instructor position at the University of Kansas. I noticed that the institutional accreditation requirement for the candidate's degree is very specific, which is odd.

    Required Qualifications
    • Bachelor's degree from an institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission;
    Preferred Qualifications
    • Bachelor's degree specifically in adult education or an academic discipline related to law enforcement from an institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission;
    • Post-bachelor's degree, or progress toward such degree, in an academic discipline related to adult education or law enforcement from an institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission; Instructor

    Why are they fixed on HLC? Maybe the poster is not very knowledgeable about accreditation. Are they saying people who attended schools accredited by the other five (MSCHE, NECHE, NWCCU, SACS-COC, and WSCUC) dominant institutional accreditation bodies would not qualify?
  2. Asymptote

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    Is it possible that it could have something to do with the draw of students from states that tend to fall within certain Federal District Court zones?
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    On the University’s job board, it’s listed as a Staff position. It appears to be a Continuing Education Departmental Staff position versus a Curriculum Faculty position. I would be inclined to believe that HLC doesn’t accredit or really investigate Continuing Education programs. I’m not aware of any RAs that audit/accredit Con Ed programs. Which may mean the department management… may not have significant and ongoing accreditation training…

    Looking at their other positions posted, this requirement doesn’t appear to be elsewhere. It’s also in the area of a posting that is usually done by an immediate supervisor versus HR…

    If you’re interested… I’d just apply…
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    I am surprised that you seem surprised by this. It's Kansas... that's why. I think I once counted about 4x the number of flights going out of the main airport as there were coming in. Food for thought. Without specifically stating the state, I have discussed issues related to this state's requirements before. Hopefully they will someday decide to update their "requirements". Meanwhile, shoot your shot, sometimes things there can be surprising.
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  5. chrisjm18

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    All, I am not interested in the position. I just thought I'd share. The only way I'd leave my current job is if I get a fully remote position.
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    Sometimes when a job posting is specific, there usually is an internal person who will be specifically qualified for that job. Yet by law the job has to be posted.

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