VCTP January 2014 Cohort Interview - Raw Interview Notes

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    These are pretty raw notes, forgive me.

    Date: October 30, 2013
    Time: 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM, CST (GMT-6)
    Contact: <name ommitted> (Syracuse)


    The program is based on a pass/fail system.
    And success in the program is based on passing.

    Will be assigned an advisor at a later date.

    Will help me with registering for courses that may be helpful/assisting to me.

    Can work with my advisor if I complete a course, and then could try for additional courses.

    Should I be selected to join the upcoming session, will receive an official acceptance letter.

    Will receive it to the account that was registered for the program.

    Won't see the acceptance letter and the registration forms until mid-to-late December.

    They're going through the interview session right now.

    January 23 - Orientation Day/Webinar, to kick off the session. On this same day, there would be a noon EST webinar. It goes about an hour (no more than an hour).

    The program does require a minimum of 20 hours a week. This assures that you are able to complete up with your courses week by week. The courseware is available 24x7. Make your own schedule.

    Q: Are you able to commit to 20 hours a week?

    Have access to high speed internet, and a MAC/PC in order to use the program.
    The program is not compatible with mobile/handheld devices (tablet/iphone/droid, etc.)

    Q: Do you have any questions for me?

    Hah, of course I do.

    1 - What materials are candidates given to study? (Books, online portal, etc.)

    Books are not required to be purchased by the candidates.
    Will use Skillport/Skillsoft as the avenue to access the educational materials.
    Will also have access to Books 24x7, if one needs supplemental information. (via the Syracuse Library portal -- will have access to the Syracuse online library)

    2 - What must a candidate do to receive vouchers for certification examinations?

    The required program is completed, in a case such as PMP, you pass all of the practice exams, and are approved by PMI, then they will pay for the certification exam fee.

    3 - Can one re-enter the program in the future?

    The program is a one-time benefit.

    If you join for the January 2013 program, then you are in through January 2014, and that's it.

    They will only pay for one certification exam.

    To be clear, this is a once-in-a-lifetime benefit. Choose wisely.

    4 - If one chooses the 12-month (certificate-generating) program, how can the completed certificates be listed on the resume?

    This would be a topic to talk to the advisor about. -- how to list the certificate on the resume.

    5 - How long have you been working with the program?

    With the program since April 2013. Primary role with screening, and setting up their first registration.
    The advisors are the ones who work hand-in-hand with the program. They do career advice, resume reviews, cover letter reviews, mock interviews, and also help to get connected with additional resources and support. The advisors have a more hands on role, with regards to career development, personal development as well.

    6 - What is the progress on the interviews? Do you have plenty of slots open?

    We're still accepting applications. The application deadline is set for November 25th, but they may be open beyond that date. Get your application in the sooner, the better.

    It's a slow-moving cohort. it's a little bit of a trickle right now.

    Out of questions, suggested that the eligibility wording needed some work, and many candidates might believe that they are not qualified to participate, when they actually are.
    They should have updated the eligibility wording.

    Follow-Up: Keep an eye out for an e-mail in December 2013. if any additional questions, please send them to the e-mail address provided from their earlier message.


    Hey, there are still plenty of slots open, you all should apply! Getting a premium certification like PMP facilitated would be awesome.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I am wondering if you fail the exam, do you have to pay the voucher back to them?
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    The deadline has been extended until 15 December. Go ahead and apply, people!
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    Am I the only one who has no idea what this is about?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    If you are not Military Veteran, more like you have no idea. The program is designed by Syracuse University and business partners in helping Military Veteran to make a transition to civilian workforce. They provide cohort training, or independent training. Once you're done with the training, they give you one voucher to take the certification exam. For example, CISSP costs $600.00 for the exam, I'll get that for FREE (one time only).
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    Ahhhhh, got it. Thanks for the explanation. :smile:
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    Good morning.

    It was my mistake, in not giving more background information on what the program is about. I first mentioned the program here, in this thread: (see post #30 for my first mention of it).

    Then, in Post #44 of that thread, I linked to the thread here, where I posted my raw interview notes.


    Thanks for stepping up to explain things :)

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