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    Okay guys. I have yet another question for the professionals. I am Looking for some V-HBCU's for my son. As there are no HBCU's in my area, a V-HBCU or rather a HBCU that offers online BA's and MA's or PhD's would be great.

    Thanks again.
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    Good deal, Tire. I am going to look in a few a report back. Thanks.
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    Can I ask what is the allure of an HBCU?
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    Coincidently the current issue of "Physics Today" had this article on HBCU science programs:

    Physics Today / Volume 63 / Issue 6 / OPINION Physics Today - June 2010
    Undergraduate physics programs at HBCUs: Can we stop the losses?
    Quinton L. Williams
    Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi
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    It's allure is in its name:

    Historically Black College and University:

    More HERE
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    I expect that, like me, he knows what they are and is simply curious why your son would prefer one to an institution that doesn't focus on race.

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    No different that schools with a religious affiliation or schools of one gender. The thought is that homogeneous situations allow people to focus on things other than differences. Also, there's a lot of research that shows that people who attend charter schools, or all-girl schools, or HBCU's typically have better outcomes if they belong to one of the classes represented by those programs.
  12. SteveFoerster

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    Another thought is that people don't have to focus on those differences anyway. Yes, people should remain aware of injustices and fight them when they arise, but this is hardly 1960.

    Even if that's true, and I'd want to see the methodology, I'm not sure those results would carry through to online programs, where demographic differences among participants is much less apparent.

  13. cravenco

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    He choose an HBCU because he feels as though he could get back what many lost and/or were unable to obtain in the earlier years of this Country, an education. He could do that by going anywhere, but an HBUC will make him proud, thus will allow him to work harder to achieve his goal.
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    I don’t know about the thread starter, but it is a tradition with a lot of black families. I know doctors and engineers that completed their undergraduate degree at a HBCU. Although they all went on to attend some of the top medical and engineering school in the nation, they love their HBCU the most. I guess you have to live it to really understand it. People like what they like and will encourage their family and friends to follow the same path.
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    I can understand why someone may want to attend a HBCU. If the student is more comfortable being around others who share his or her culture or background, then it might be worthwhile for them. However, I think they are missing something by not being exposed to people from other backgrounds and cultures.

    I am what I refer to as a "mutt" or someone with a "Heinz 57" background...in other words, 57 varieties of nationalities in my ethnic background. My family's background includes British, German, French, African, American Indian (my great grandmother was 100 percent Seminole) and a bunch of of others that we are still researching. By the way, I am very much Caucasian.

    I don't know...it would never occur to me to specifically target a college or university which was 100 percent white, if such a thing even exists.
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    I don't know if you ever found what you are looking for, but I heard about this on the radio this morning and felt I should share. Tom Joyner (of eponoymous morning radio talk show fame) has launched a website designed to connect those who wish to study at a HBCU with online programs at those schools. The website is HBCUs Online | Historically Black Colleges and Universities | Home.

    Hope this helps!

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    No, he has not decided yet. I will look at this and send the link to him via e-mail.

    Thanks Fortunato
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    I checked out the site - it's pretty slick, but also pretty new. Apparently they only have two partnerships in place, with Hampton and Texas Southern. Given Tom Joyner's popularity and passion for HBCU's, I would expect that number to grow substantially soon.

    Good luck to your son!

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