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  1. WR213

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    Hi all,

    I am looking into this program and was wondering if anyone here had any additional knowledge about the program.

    Complete Coursework: 4 years Credit Hours: 66 (24 core, 24 specialization, 18 dissertation) Tuition: $28,050

    • Eight-week courses
    • Individual Course Length: 8 weeks (except for dissertation)
    • Credit Hours: 66

    Seems very reasonably priced and accredited. Thanks.
  2. isaacabrams

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    My thoughts may or may not be of help to you depending on your situation. I'm currently enrolled in an online EdD program at UWF. When I started you could enroll in up to 12 credits a semester; which is normal of most universities, but now they are limiting new enrollments to 6 credits a semester. So you will not be done in 4 years.

    The courses aren't remotely difficult if you have any background in education. However, the staff has very limited knowledge in research; which is likely the reason for their lack of scholarship. Additionally, the professors don't seem to have any time management skills. For example, both of my current professors haven't graded anything since the 2nd week of the courses and the courses ended after next week.

    What specifically drew you to UWF?

  3. DxD=D^2

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    If price is one of your motivations for going into a EdD program, you should check out University of the Cumberlands. They are really inexpensive and you can gain a content specialty, if you desire. I am going to start this Fall session and I have nothing but great experiences so far.
  4. Bruce

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    Liberty University also offers an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instructions, with several concentrations. If you're military, a Veteran, or an emergency first responder (police, fire, EMS, etc.), there is a significant tuition discount.

    Doctor of Education | Liberty University Online
  5. isaacabrams

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    I know this post was made last year, but I'd like to follow up. Avoid UWF at all costs. They seem very convenient because if you have a master's degree they waive the GRE/GMAT/MAT requirement, but it is not worth the headache. They basically do whatever they want: they don't follow their own policies or even the policies set forth by the accrediting bodies that oversee them. The EdD Director changes things like people change socks.

    Their faculty are not up to par with other universities. One of the violations of accreditation policy they commit is assigning insane course loads, so faculty don't even have time to grade assignments. This becomes very difficult when you get to the comp. exam and dissertation stage when all faculty say they don't have time to serve on committees.

    If you want to pursue a program with unqualified faculty, repetitive coursework, non-supportive faculty just to receive a piece of paper go for UWF. If you want a usable doctorate explore the other options discussed in this thread and website.
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    Come to the University of the Cumberlands..

    You've tried the rest...now try the best! Come on over to the University of the Cumberlands.

    I'm in the dissertation phase at the University of the Cumberlands and I must sing the praises of this program. It speaks to the needs of each individual and is flexible enough for multiple types of learners. Now...it is not a push over. You are gonna have to learn..I love the fact that UC rejects folks. It tells me that they have standards and if you want to be a part of this community then you need to be prepared to do doctoral level work. Did I mention it is affordable and that I did not rack up any loans to complete this program?

    I encourage you to call for a quick discussion with Dr. Barry Vann, chair of the Leadership Studies department at UC. He did my interview several years ago and is such an advocate for adult learners. I tip my hat to that gentlemen..

  7. Abner

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    Wow! No student loans! That's great. :smile:

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